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The Elsor-Varo - 28mm Sci-fi Space Dwarf miniatures

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About this project

 What is this campaign about?

We are expanding our range here at Gydran Miniatures Studio and are offering a set of 28mm heavily armoured space dwarves that you can field in your skirmish force, army, or even as a player/non player character figure during your role playing game experiences. All this in return for your support in our campaign. 

e70058d88e1e9992688d037121c2f934_originaA 5 person squad put together with the components from the core set.

The set is a multi-part kit that will be cast in both Pewter/white metal, and resin. This should give you the flexibility to pose them how you want and give variety to any force you choose to add them to. You could also field them as a force in their own right.

The core set includes 5 miniatures to be fielded as one squad or even as a skirmish force in their own right. If you pledge to tier two (2) or above you will receive five (5) Sci-fi Dwarf miniatures in heavy armour comprising of 5 individual bodies, 5 arm sprues, head sprues (comprising of 11 individual heads and one skull), A Sgt sprue, a weapon sprue, and a heavy weapon sprue. There is also an exclusive miniature that will be added to all tier three (3) pledges along with the unlocked stretch goals. 

76473c36ee9c4c897795b7e9901ee7ef_originaA WIP picture of the Cassius Campaign/Show exclusive miniature


72d005fb2eb9c576776835fba4ce9ca8_originaThe resin cast version of the Cassius Campaign/show exclusive miniature.

This miniature will be cast in Polyurethane resin, and is only available through our Crowdfunding campaigns or shows that we attend. 


The Pledge Levels 

Tier 1: Thank you - £1+ 

Tier 2: 1x Core set, access to stretch goal add-ons only, not rewards. That’s 5 miniatures for £20 (a saving of £5/20% off the normal retail price of £25 for the Core set) 

Tier 3: 1x Core set, 1x Kickstarter/show exclusive miniature, access to all stretch goals and rewards. That’s 6 miniatures plus stretch goals for a £30 pledge. 

ec3d522b29e12a74ee0a98de20a76799_originaThe core set and Cassius exclusive miniature ready to go to mould.

You will receive the equivalent of approximately 20% off of the retail price during this campaign on add-ons as well when you increase your pledge to include them in your rewards. 

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The Heavy Battle Robot has been unlocked and is a £11 add-on, there are also some alt weapons and characters added to the selection of add-ons available.


They had a live KS stream too if your interested, last about 30 mins.
















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Last 24hrs left of the campaign.


Another stretch goal has been unlocked the bounty hunter and his void hound, they have been added to tier 3 pledges and above for free and are an add-on for the lower pledges.


The picture below shows what is included in Tier 3, the latest unlocks are still blacked out though but are included.







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