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Black Legionnaire & Paladin Initiate

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Black Legionnaire SKU 02490

Paladin Initiate SKU 02795


The black knight was my 3rd mini that I painted, he could have been a paladin I suppose, but I wanted this particular mini to the opposite of the next mini, which would be the paladin. I think the red contrasts the black pretty well, and I like the silver and red scheme I used on the scabbard. Unfortunately because of the visor on the helmet, I wasn’t able to paint the eyes very well. I ended up using a matte color for the sword blade and highlighting the high points with silver. I also highlighted the edges of the hilt a little bit.





This is the 4th mini I painted. The original plan for the paladin was to have him wearing crimson red armor, trimmed with white or silver, but when I painted him for some reason the colors did not go well together (likely due to lack of proper shading!) and the mini looked terrible. So I took paint thinner and a toothbrush and scrubbed the mini back to bare metal and repainted him. I’m glad I did as I’m much happier with this paint scheme, although the way I painted the armor doesn’t seem to leave room for shading in retrospect. I had the same problem painting the eyes on this guy because of the visor, so the eyes are the simple style.




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Nice stuff.


Might I suggest flocking the bases?


A bit of pva and static grass or maybe railroad sands, that will make them look even better.

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