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Drake White Raven & Ian Crusader Mage

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Those are great early minis! That freehand is awesome!


About shading and highlighting, you really have to push the contrast a lot higher than seems proper when you first start mini painting for it to show when looking at a mini at the table. In addition, the matte varnish will also lessen any contrast, so always think of our painting mantra: deeper shadows, lighter highlights!

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Freehand on your fifth mini????


OK, now i think i suck ;)


Seriously though - your work is VERY good for as few minis as you have under your belt - i wish i painted as well.  Eyes in particular are very hard to do well and yours are really nice (i'm still settling for dots!).  Love the color choice as well (as someone who plays a flashy young sorcerer...)

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Thanks! Before painting these metal reaper minis I sacrificed a few of my prepainted Pathfinder minis and 5 reaper bones minis in the name of learning.

I found out the paint over varnish didn't stick well on the pathfinder minis, and the bones minis, I must have used the wrong primer, the paint didnt seem to adhere to them well either

So thats when I bought new automotive primer and metal minis.

That taught me that I needed a better magnifier (I only had a 2x at the time), smaller brushes ( i tried to trim down larger brushes with not so good results)

and that I needed to watch some youtube videos.

The youtube videos helped me a lot, even though I wouldn't start using all the techniques right away.

I was also VERY fortunate to read the reaper eye painting guide early on. On the first two minis I had to paint their eyes, 5-6 times each to get them right,

but it paid off in the end now I can paint them correctly about 50% of the time.

Eventually I'll also work on getting some flocking as someone suggested to me in an earlier thread and work on the basing.

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I have watched a number of eye painting tutorials... i just need more practice - or bigger eyes, maybe some anime stuff ;)


FYI - the Reaper Liner paints work miraculously as primer on Bones - who knows what sorcery is involved, but try using Brown Liner on  Bones and you will never prime with anything else.


They should introduce a White Liner for those of us who like to prime with white ;)

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