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Orc and Goblin Miniatures: From Digital Sculpture to Reality


They are still working on the video and launch, but original time frame was for January



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About this project


Please read everything carefully to the end! The following explains the options for pledges and much more.

We do not use an after-campaign pledge manager. All pledges must be in by the end of the campaign.

About Our Dream:

This is the first wave of our large size realistic miniatures for collecting and painting, created with the miracle of modern technology.

The series consists of highly detailed sculpts of orcs and goblins with additional interchangeable weapons, armor, and accessories. All parts come together smoothly and easily.

You have an opportunity to flex your creative muscles, as each model kit provides a plethora of extra armor and weapons to create a unique image.

If funding permits, we also offer a scale of miniature appropriate for wargaming, 28mm(1:58 scale).

The first four miniatures will be two orcs and two goblins. Exhausting attention has been given to proportions, anatomy, balance, selection of position, the nature of each character, and each character's unique elements.

We will also provide you with the ability to print fully prepared miniatures on your desktop via SLA-DLP 3d printer. We like to keep pace with advances in technology to provide you with the latest options.

Spread the word about this project to your friends and post about it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and get additional features and free ADD-ONS as stretch goals will be achieved!




 If you would like to change your order around, or add an "unlocked parts / add-ons" use the " Manage Your Pledge" button.   

 Below presented two types of pledge. Hand casting models and models for 3D printing.









 You can get the Orcs and Goblins as ADD-ONS if you want more than one of them or pledge level doesn't give you access to models.

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I was just coming to see if you had posted this one yet sir.


While I think these are AMAZING sculpts, they are unfortunately the wrong size for me.


The stretch goal to get them all at 28mm is way too high, imo, to become a reality during this KS.


Too bad because I would really love to have some of these at 28mm.


Not to mention the price is just a little high.

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Yup, I think that is what I would have shot for as well.


I really do like these sculpts and the models they have shown have lived up to the art.


Too bad really, I have a feeling I would go into this one pretty heavily.

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