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PAX unplugged?

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So I see PAX just added a new show in Philadelphia in November. Will Reaper be attending this one? I vaguely remember you attending some of them, but I wasn't sure if you do all of them.

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    • By Kro
      Hi guys!
      I see that Reaper Miniatures is on the exhibitors list for PAX Unplugged (November 17-19 in Philadelphia). I have couple questions as to what we can expect to see there:
      1. Will you be running any painting classes? From the comments I see on this forum they seemed to be great successes at Reapercon and I was hoping to be able to participate in one if possible.
      2. Is there any chance some of the large figures from Bones 3 that have currently unsolved packaging issues (Goremaw, Froghemoth) could be made available at the convention? (I'm dying for a Goremaw)
      I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there!
    • By Cassu
      I attended PAX Aus this weekend on the Saturday and Sunday and stopped by the Reaper Paint and Take area on both days! I was excited since I didn't get to spend any time there last year.
      Saturday I entered the speed painting competition, we were given an hour to paint the Townsfolk Mom and Kids. It was such a fun challenge! I won! 

      I won an amazing little medal! Eeee! I was so flattered.
      The next day I also entered the 'paint and take' competition, which was to sit down and paint a miniature on the day. I spent two hours painting upthis Bones Terezinya figure:


      And I won another trophy! I had so much fun, and everyone working hard at the Paint and Take area did such an amazing job. It was an amazing weekend. I don't often get to paint around other people or be exposed to so much Reaper-y goodness! One day I will make it to Reaper Con, one daaaay!
    • By Adept Legacy
      Why have I been so busy lately?
      Well, in the interest of getting stuff done, I am [redacted] going to make a local convention for RPG games.
      And I plan to pull it out of nowhere.
      I don't have a name... unless I go by [redacted] . I don't have a budget, but I am planning to pull something out of thin air for the greater Calgary, Alberta area.
      We don't seem to have a convention for RPG players, and I have been waiting, and waiting and waiting, and I am getting sick of it, no one should wait four years, and it certainly doesn't look like I can just go to [redacted] every year, not that I have yet.
      So far, I have most of the preliminary costing and quotes, contracts with the location, how to organize the events, but no webpage, no name and only about a third of the DM's GM's I figure I'll need.
      And no idea on how I will disperse the ticketing.

      I assume after that, I can probably pick up vendor support ( if I am going to get any, not really stressed about that) and probably contact the company I need to, in order to get the uh, RPGA stuff or whatever the new equivalent is.
      Obviously that's way easier to set up if you say, had a business, or business interest in that.
      Any idea on how one might make a portal for the collection of funds that doesn't look like it is a scam? Should I try to kickstart it? Should I start up an ETSY account and claim my ticket stubs are works of art?
      If I can build it. They will come. I think.
    • By RouterMike
      Hola Reaperpeeps,
      Will you have the new Bones HD paints at PAX? And if so, are they available as a bundle, or will they be loose bottles only?
      It sounds like you'll be in the same space near the escalator as the last couple years, yes? I look forward to stopping by.
    • By Morihalda
      Just like the title says - PAX South is only 3 weeks away! Jan 29th-31st in San Antonio, Texas.
      Is anyone from the forums going? PAX cons are usually talked about for their video gaming parts, but the tabletop part is getting more notice nowadays.
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