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WOW! Thanks y'all! I really appreciate all this! ::D: I'm finishing up others now, so look out more post to come! :) 



Well done!


Wow, that is fantastic!


And that OSL is amazing!  


Yes, great work on the osl. I like the freehand and the fur as well.


There are a lot of things to love here, but i am just going to single out the fur.  It is so easy to do.  Then you see it done this well and it is a whole different level.  Very cool!


Great job, ARC!!


Nicely done!




Very nice, love the fur!

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Very nice work all around, from the OSL down to his base!

Thanks Chaos. My basing skill went up when I learn from someone here on the forums to use Vaseline on my sculpting tools it makes it SO MUCH easier.


Wow! He's amazing! The colours are fantastic, he'll definetly be easy to spot on the battlefield. ::D:

Thanks! That was the idea I was going for.


I love it, I suck at OSL.

::D: THANKS! OSL.. I watched videos of people doing it then mimicked it. 


Very cool and you can almost see the ray of light in the air that is hitting him.

::):::D: THANKS! I though the same thing when I finished. :)

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