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Stonehaven Elf Mage

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Next up is one of the better figure that I have painted of late. I painted this figure up to represent a wizard for Frostgrave. As this particular figure has a Native American vibe to it, I went with buckskins fo the clothing. All buckskin was too bland for her male counterpart so I added the blue to her outfit to help break it up. I carried over the blue to her eyes, the crystal on the staff and the gem in her circlet. I like how the hair came out. I kept messing up her left eye and finally gave up when it didn't look too bad. (believe me it looked plenty worse before).



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Not sure why you find the eyes so hard considering how well you do on those itsy bitsy studded jewels!

I think that it's a difference in raised and recessed detail. With the studs I just side brush over the raised detail. Of I get some paint in the skirt it's easy to go back in. With eyes, the recess catches any excess and floods the socket. Then fixing it becomes a pain as the white doesn't like to cover the pupil.


At least that's how it goes for me.

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Yeah, if my wife had a dollar for every time she heard me scream "I HATE EYES."


What stopped me was the color combinations. Those browns and icy blue go real nice together. You also did a really nice job on the crystal.  


If you can follow my directions you may have an easier time with the eyes. They won't be pro, but they will be nicer.


1) fill in the eye area with black.

2) fill in the black area with white, leaving a small, usually oval, ring of black. (so now you basically have egg eyes with black outlines)

3)  Put a black dot in the middle of the white (pupil). Make sure it touches the top and the bottom parts of the black ring and only leaves a very small amount of white on the left and right.

4) (this is the hardest part for me) place a tiny white dot in the upper area of the middle black dot.





Later you can use colors instead of the small white dot.

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