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Judas Bloodspire 77160 is turned into Vlad Tepes. Finishing line...

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Thank you all for the motivating comments. I am wondering how to make the pearls on his cap. I thought of using a thin injection needle on greenstuff. Any other ideas how to get such small half-spheres?

Have you looked at tiny beads in the craft store? There might be something small enough to work.

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I had a look at some shops that seel beads but no luck. Some chemical supply stores have microbeads, but I am not sure if those are chemically stable...some more research is necessary.

Perhaps you could dip the end of the needle into super glue?

Hold the needle vertically with the glue at the bottom, surface tension should cause the glue to bead up. if you dip more than once, you should be able to 'grow' the bead to the size you want. Be sure to let it harden between dips....

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What about micro Styrofoam beads? You can find them pretty cheap on Etsy. Obviously you'd have to be wary of using super glue with them though. However, another idea would be that maybe you could make a mold using the Styrofoam beads so that they wouldn't actually be a part of the final product.

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after finishing the graveyard base I thought I try my hand at a 6cm diametre ruined shrine diorama base (or objective token) with a broken statue and a removable birch tree. Naturally nothing stops you to incorporate this idea into a gaming board.
Obviously the concept can also be used for simple flagstone bases:
You'll find a step-by-step tutorial with plenty more pictures on the DaggerAndBrush blog:
Enthroned in Darkness - How to make a ruined shrine objective token and a simple flagstone base
You'll also find out what lurks in the dark ;).

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    • By Vytau
      Putting aside for a moment the title of this post, which sounds like some sort of Norwegian black metal prog-rock crossover, I am presenting a mini I did quite some time ago - probably about 10 years or so, but I thought longer.  Maybe my memory is deceiving me, but I thought I painted this when I lived in Detroit, and that was up until 2006.  Maybe I'm getting old and not remembering things as good?  Old man yells at cloud. Anyway...Judas Bloodspire, the metal Warlord sculpt, #14016.  
      Is it my best mini ever?  No.  However, I'm just happy with what I got right:  high-contrast hair that manages to actually look like glossy black hair versus gray.  The face pops but isn't too cartoony.  The red and purple work well together.  He is wearing a lacy cravat and I am a fan of lacy cravats on vampires*. 
      Paints are a combination of reaper, GW, and craft paints.  
      Also: that cape!  The new plastic pose has his cape down, and I remember when this mini came out that there was a lot of discussion on what to do with the cape -but to me he always looked like he should be flourishing his cape, either revealing himself as the true prince of the night (mwa ha ha ha ha) or concealing himself as he shifts into bat form (Your choice - he can either laugh [mwa ha ha ha ha] or he can yell "BAT!" a la "What we Do in the Shadows").   And yes, before you ask, it was a pain in the tuchus to get it to stay that way.  

      Anyway, without further ado: Judas! 
      *So once upon a time I was...intoxicated...and had a vivid vision of a "vampire club" in downtown Detroit (not to be confused with City Club, which is a goth bar in downtown Detroit, but I digress) - anyway, the vampire club was old and authentic and a little stuffy and everyone dressed like "Interview with a Vampire" but then this new vampire club opened up and they were super douchey - they were the shaved chest bro crowd, college kids doing keggers, and they had a vampire club that was really plastic and fake and loud and derivative, but it was also really popular.  Anyone who was part of the rave scene in the 90s and who saw big-marquee clubs start calling themselves "raves" will know what I'm talking about.  Anyway, some of the vampires from the older vampire club went over to the new vampire club so the old vampire club had to find a way to increase business, so they put a sign out front, a little chalkboard standee, and on it they wrote "Now with 10% more lacy cravats."   I don't know if it worked because I was laughing too hard at that point to keep the thread of my own thought coherent, but I like to think the vampire club is still around, still wearing their lacy cravats.  Competitors come and go, but the vampires probably took out a 1,000 year lease on their building at a fixed rate, so they're probably fine. 

    • By Peithetairos
      Some have seen the miniature in show off forum, but I finally got around taking some decent pics of the final version tonight. I used a ring light to illuminate the front of the mini and my painting lamp from top. One set of shots on a light blue backdrop and one on a black backdrop. Let me know which one you prefer.
      Judas Bloodspire has been slightly converted: New custom head, new sword, some of the skulls on the armour removed and more details added to signify that it is a fantasy version of Vlad Tepes.
      I tried a few new things on this one: Two brush blending on the cloak (kinda worked ok), using a unifying purple wash in all shadows and depicting pearls with microbeads for nail art.
      Hope you like him C&C very welcome as I want to push myself further with each new mini.

      If you are interested here is the work in progress thread:
    • By Pingo
      So I have painted the Bones figure 77160: Judas bloodspire (on the right):

      He's a magnificent sculpt with a cape that's all over the place.
      And, indeed, his cape hucked up like fallen angel wings is how he appears in all the in-store images, metal or Bones:
      The problem as I see it with this is that it is a very precarious construction. In Bones I felt safe enough to paint away merrily, but I recall stating even in my WIP that I would quake at the challenge of keeping a metal figure of this pinned together.
      Be careful of what you ask for. Some months ago @malefactus kindly sent me a generous assortment of figures, which included a very nicely based and primed version of 14016: Judas, Necropolis Warlord.
      Despite his very careful packing, the figure had been jostled enough to loosen the cape (sorry, malefactus!). I set it aside, cleaned off the glue, and reckoned I would paint them separately and rejoin them later.
      Yesterday I was contemplating how to do so, and whether, where, and how to pin it when I noticed something.
      I think there is an alternate pose of the cape that may work better.
      The cape fits on the figure very neatly at three contact points (the sword, the back, and the left hand) if one attaches it at a different angle from all the photos in the store.:




      While this conformation does not have the amazingly dramatic winglike forms of the standard arrangement, it seems to me it has the potential to be much more stable.
      Just for fun, here's a close up of his face so far:

    • By Pingo
      I hadn't planned to do a Show Off thread of this figure, the Bones 77160: Judas Bloodspire, Vampire, by Werner Klocke. I just grabbed him from my bin o' Bones because a game needed some vampires and he looked pretty good and melodramatic. I didn't even do a WIP thread.
      But something happened. The more I painted him the more I realized what a magnificent little piece of sculpture he was. Details kept popping out at me. He has this amazing, proud Miltonian damned soul Satanic presence, with that neoclassical drapery and the broken column and that tremendous, flapping, almost alive cape like a fallen angel's wings. Werner Klocke did a fantastic job with him.
      The figure exists in metal, but I suspect it would be a nightmare to glue and hold together. I would be quite nervous about painting it and can only express the highest admiration for those who have done so.
      One further note. About halfway through painting him I glued him to a base, because as he is configured he cannot stand flat. That damned sword keeps getting in the way. Note that even in the store photo he is propped up a little by the point of the sword. This seems to be a problem with the Bones version only.







    • By pinkymadigan
      Just realized I never got around to taking show off pictures of this guy. I had some frosting issues which killed my momentum in my WIP (here) for him, and then he sat around waiting to be fixed. The fix mostly worked, but you'll see a few shots where the light is a little more direct where he ended up shiny. Not a big deal as in most lighting he looks fine. The last few shots will have an alternate rider's top half, I swapped the original Wight out for the top half of Reaper's Judas Bloodspire, sans cape.

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