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Judas Bloodspire 77160 is turned into Vlad Tepes. The painting begins..

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At long last some progress with Vlad, too. I found a solution for the pearls: nail art microspheres.


Do you guys think the five pearls over the gem are too large?


I also started sculpting the amulet of the order of the dragon. I need to add some material to the back of the dragon with a cross. I based it on this depiction (Photo by Christian Chirita CC BY SA 3.0):





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My wife pointed out the other day that I went to such length to sculpt Vlad's headdress, that I should go all  in and correct some details. So I reduced the pearl size, added something resembling horsehair and the central star. All that is missing now is the gem.



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Vlad got some paint the past few evenings. I am pleased with the face so fare and the armour and cloak are also getting there. 


As I want to try something new with each miniature I paint I decided to use a very limited palette that uses purple as a unifiying color. So the armour, cloak and face are shaded with purple tones.


The photos are a bit darker than I would usually take them, but it shows the colors as they appear in reality better.









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The terror of the Wallachians! I trust there are going to be some SKEWERS on the base when he's finished? :lol:

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No skewers on this one, as he stands in a graveyard, but I am also working on a historical version with the Perry Miniatures foot knights . The base will feature a stake.


In the meantime is fantasy counterpart got more contrast. I introduced some teal shadows and highlights, worked on the gloves and the back of the cloak. I may reintroduce some warmer tones or maybe add a subtle colour shift on the back of the cloak. 





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Looks great, I think warm tones could be good. The inside of his cloak is absolutely amazing. 

From the picture you could push the contrast of his gloves a bit further.. 

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Thank you, much appreciated! I did add some more warm tone transitions on the cloak and finished the head piece.


The gravestone and gem needs some more love, but otherwise I may keep him as is. Maybe smoothing the one or other transition.


Anyone has a good technique for painting such a small rectangular gem? Most tutorials are for round or tear drop gems. 


Next up is fitting him to the base, painting the bat swarm and then I think everything is in place.





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    • By Pingo
      So I have painted the Bones figure 77160: Judas bloodspire (on the right):

      He's a magnificent sculpt with a cape that's all over the place.
      And, indeed, his cape hucked up like fallen angel wings is how he appears in all the in-store images, metal or Bones:
      The problem as I see it with this is that it is a very precarious construction. In Bones I felt safe enough to paint away merrily, but I recall stating even in my WIP that I would quake at the challenge of keeping a metal figure of this pinned together.
      Be careful of what you ask for. Some months ago @malefactus kindly sent me a generous assortment of figures, which included a very nicely based and primed version of 14016: Judas, Necropolis Warlord.
      Despite his very careful packing, the figure had been jostled enough to loosen the cape (sorry, malefactus!). I set it aside, cleaned off the glue, and reckoned I would paint them separately and rejoin them later.
      Yesterday I was contemplating how to do so, and whether, where, and how to pin it when I noticed something.
      I think there is an alternate pose of the cape that may work better.
      The cape fits on the figure very neatly at three contact points (the sword, the back, and the left hand) if one attaches it at a different angle from all the photos in the store.:




      While this conformation does not have the amazingly dramatic winglike forms of the standard arrangement, it seems to me it has the potential to be much more stable.
      Just for fun, here's a close up of his face so far:

    • By Pingo
      I hadn't planned to do a Show Off thread of this figure, the Bones 77160: Judas Bloodspire, Vampire, by Werner Klocke. I just grabbed him from my bin o' Bones because a game needed some vampires and he looked pretty good and melodramatic. I didn't even do a WIP thread.
      But something happened. The more I painted him the more I realized what a magnificent little piece of sculpture he was. Details kept popping out at me. He has this amazing, proud Miltonian damned soul Satanic presence, with that neoclassical drapery and the broken column and that tremendous, flapping, almost alive cape like a fallen angel's wings. Werner Klocke did a fantastic job with him.
      The figure exists in metal, but I suspect it would be a nightmare to glue and hold together. I would be quite nervous about painting it and can only express the highest admiration for those who have done so.
      One further note. About halfway through painting him I glued him to a base, because as he is configured he cannot stand flat. That damned sword keeps getting in the way. Note that even in the store photo he is propped up a little by the point of the sword. This seems to be a problem with the Bones version only.







    • By pinkymadigan
      Just realized I never got around to taking show off pictures of this guy. I had some frosting issues which killed my momentum in my WIP (here) for him, and then he sat around waiting to be fixed. The fix mostly worked, but you'll see a few shots where the light is a little more direct where he ended up shiny. Not a big deal as in most lighting he looks fine. The last few shots will have an alternate rider's top half, I swapped the original Wight out for the top half of Reaper's Judas Bloodspire, sans cape.

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