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Hellion productions now taking dictator orders!


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Hello all!


Just wanted to let you know that I'm now accepting orders for the 1/60th scale Dictator CAV kit.


Best part of the news:  I've managed to knock $10 off of the price, bringing the price down to $50 USD plus shipping!


How cool is that?


You can buy THREE, and still spend less money than the new Armorcast Atlas ($160 USD)!!!




Head over to the site (http://www.hellionproductions.com) and click on the Hellion Express link.


Overseas orders and Black Lightning AO's should email me first before ordering.



John Bear Ross

Owner, Lead Designer

Hellion Productions

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#### ####


So the question is... did I just swear or did I just type 8 pound signs with a space between them?


Only Kit may ever know... but does the server keep the actual message or does it manually overwrite your naughty word with "#".... so maybe he won't know either lol

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If anyone has any doubts what an incredible deal JB pulled off here, I just got a flyer from the Evil Empire, not one 'tank' was under $30, or you could get two basic speeders for the same price as one incredibly massive, and detailed Dictator that puts eveything in the flyer to shame!


I hope that this is just the start of a long line of such models!

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