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Hellion productions now taking dictator orders!


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Have you gotten your Three units yet? †Please say yes.

Ummm your not talking to me are you?


I was getting ready to email you about 1 of them.


why do you ask, are you all out of them? if so no biggie, my wallet has beeen suffering from a c note Dragglestown order, paying for 3 Urusei Yatsura box sets[ 1 c bill each and 1 more about to ship] & 2 c bill mage knight-heroclix orders from pjcc.com.


If you still got them i get an order to you soon.

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Hehehe, I guess people should start refering to me by my callsign now there's another Frank hanging around here :o)


No John, I haven't gotten them yet... hence the post and hence Kai being given a new sarcasmometer :o)


We're looking forward to getting them, but they haven't arrived as yet. I'll let you know when they do.

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