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Pezler's Chainmail Orc Druid , Hangouts Figure of the Month

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So somehow I've gotten roped into this Hangout of the Month piece, possibly because I may have been the first one to mention that I have this figure and it just snowballed from there. Thanks to knarthex for getting all of this started. This is the first metal figure that I'll have ever done, so we'll see how it goes.







Here he is in all of his shininess. This thing has a heck of a lot of fiddly bits to it, he's going to be a challenge. But on to getting it prepped:







.....And this happened. I had tried using Duplicolor Sandable Primer on it, but it couldn't quite get into the crevices (and there's a lot of them). So it got an overnight bath in Simple Green, and when I woke up, it was all rusted. I'm not sure what happened, there must have been a chemical reaction that corroded it.



.........Ha ha, I jest.


Since I has a sample of Stynylrez Primer from my Reapercon bag, I decided to test it out to see how it was, and it just happens to be red. I found that it covered things quite nice, it's definitely something I'll use again once I find some that's a more neutral colour.






I took a page from Buglips' book ( I know, you're thinking that goblins aren't literate. But they use the pages for toilet paper. And that's only when they want to feel fancy) and made a wash from Warpaints Black. The ratio was 1 part Warpaints Black/6 parts water/1 part flow improver/2 parts stank. It brought up even more little details on the figure that I hadn't even noticed before, there's a lot of cool things about this one, even if painting them will kills me.


I realize that I don't even have a real plan to paint this thing, so I'm just winging it and researching various methods of accomplishing what I have in mind. I haven't had much time to do much painting right now, hopefully after tomorrow I'll be freed up a bit more.

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We have a bit of progress today:






I've been working on the skin tones a bit, with Citadel Xereus Purple for midtone and Citadel Daemonette Hide for the Highlight. I had accidentally applied the highlight first, then realized that it worked better as a base for the midtone. After applying the Xereus purple I did a wash of Citadel Druchii Violet to bring out the details. I had tried a touch of Citadel Carroburg Crimson, but found that it shifts the purple a bit too much. Next I will reapply the Xereus Purple and then highlight with Daemonette Hide. As I am not usually one for doing layers like this, we'll see how it turns out.

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I'm still alive!






I've gotten back into painting after being sick for a couple of weeks, and a case of the mehs, and being busy with a few other things in my life. I've touched it up from time to time, but I've gotten progress over the last two days. First I painted the Citadel Daemonette Hide on, then used a couple of goblin tricks that I learned from Buglips to glaze Citadel Xereus in the deeper areas in order to blend the layers a little better. Still not perfect, but what's important is what I learned about layering. I was fretting too much on the skin and will get back to it once I've done more on this figure. Next up on the list was the wolfskin pelt (if it really is a wolf. If it is, it's a terrible sculpt of the head); I created a base from Vallejo Model Color Black Grey, mixed with a little bit of Citadel Air Fenrisian Grey, which lightened it up enough to be pleased. Afterwards I used Warcolours White and mixed a bit more Fenrisian Grey into it as well, then did a moderate drybrush with it. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, but I have a few more steps left. This is the reference pic I'm using right now:




Chaoswolf is not amused by your proposition.

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