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Pezler's Chainmail Orc Druid , Hangouts Figure of the Month

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So Moar work!


Here is where the Hangouts truly shine, as I have been discussing this guy with the other participants, and this thing has gone from "a simple guy to quickly knock out for fun" to a rather complex and interesting mini!


So, talking about this with the Haminister of Truth, we looked at the tail of fur that wraps around his right foot. 

If you look carefully at the way the fur is sculpted, there is another tail that is under that one, and it is the tail of the 'over-pelt'.

So the tail got re painted to match his 'skirt' fur...

(pics will show what I mean)


Also, while studying the sculpt, I looked closely at the 'wolf head' on his left shoulder, and the way that the fur is sculpted behind his head, the wolf head could not realistically be considered as part of the pelt he has over his shoulders. If the head was part of the pelt, there should be a bunching up of the fur so that it goes over his shoulder instead of over his head. 

Looking closely at the sculpting on the 'head' it also appears, to me anyways, that it might be some sort of metal casting, as there is no indication that there is 'fur' there. It looks like something that a smith might have hammered out from sheet metal.

(Think of the Mask of Agamemnon)


So I decided that it is a brass 'pauldron' of some sort, and painted it with SC75 Victorian Brass. This also gives a simple explanation of why the head has a ring through it's nose...


So as to paint,

Sandals and straps on the staff up through my normal progression of SC75 Leather colors.


His 'Medicine Bag' was done with

SC75 Black Leather

SC75 Black and Red Leathers 50%

SC75 Red Leather

SC75 Red Leather and Indian Shadow 50%

SC75 Indian Shadow

SC F&G Sharpnel Red

VMC Red Leather


attachicon.gif001.JPG attachicon.gif002.JPG

attachicon.gif003.JPG attachicon.gif004.JPG

attachicon.gif005.JPG attachicon.gif006.JPG



And the little skull on his staff, as well as the bone sticking out of his 'medicine bag' with SC75 Iroku

Here is how he stands at the moment...


Comments and Critiques welcome!


And to be even moar different, I think that I am going to try and paint the 'fetish stick' / wand / rod on his back as if it is a twisted piece of vine, or briar...

I am thinking of mixed browns and greens...


color suggestions for that are welcome!


(I think that this is the longest and most thought out WiP post I have ever made.... :blink: )

This is the post I meant about the weirdness of the furs....

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Managed to get some more progress:






For the pelt I decided to use Reaper Pure Black,  and I decided to use a size 2/0 fan brush to do drybrushing with it. I found that it's extremely light so it barely leaves any paint, which is what I wanted as I started moving from the sides upwards toward the back. One thing to look out for is that some paint accumulates in the center of the ferrule, so be sure to wipe the excess off. As I got closer to the spine I switched to a size 2 flat brush to do a heavier drybrush along the spine instead. I think it turned out pretty well, I'm quite pleased with the results.


Afterwards I put a layer of Reaper Cinnamon Red on the wolfhead pauldron, and then put Citadel Skullcrusher Brass afterwards. Once that was done, I used Vallejo Game Color Sepia Shade to wash it, then did a drybrush of Skullcrusher again. Not sure if I like it or not since it seems a bit heavy, might have to redo it. We'll see

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Back to the grind:




Alright, I managed to get a bit more done with this, I've been playing around with a figure of a friend's that she wants painted instead so I haven't had as much progress on this one as I'd like. Ihad hit up the head with a bit more Citadel Skullcrusher Brass and then Vallejo Sepia Wash.  For the chainmail I used Scale75 Black Metal and then P3 Pig Iron on top of it wit hP3 Armor Wash, but it seems to be a little dark, so I'll probably hit it up with a brighter silver and then wash it afterwards. I plagiarized knarthex's idea and used GW Snakebite Leather to basecoat the bone, leather, nails and hair. His sandals are kinda wonky so it's hard to paint them accurately, but I think I managed. The staff is probably my next focus, will have to touch up a couple of areas after that.

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1 hour ago, David Brawley said:

I really like your skin tones! Keep it up!  How are you planning on painting the tattoos? 

Make sure to DullCote before painting the scars / tattoos. The magic eraser brush won't mess up your skin tones that way.

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6 hours ago, David Brawley said:

I really like your skin tones! Keep it up!  How are you planning on painting the tattoos? 

I have a........plan? Talked to ub3r about it, he suggested a purple with more of a red shift to it. I'm thinking that Citadel Screamer Pink followed by an edge of P3 Sanguine Highlight might work.

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I I suppose I should make an update:






Managed to get some work done on the staff over the last couple of weeks. Did a base of GW Snakebite Leather and then Citadel Ushabti Bone, followed by a wash of Citadel Agrax Earthshade. After that was a layer of Citadel Screaming Skull, and I used VMC Ivory for the teeth. Quite pleased with how it went, also did a similar treatment for the nails. Might have gone a bit too heavy with the Agrax Earthshade, makes him look like he has a nail fungus. Will fix that up once I get around to the other things on him. Will have to finish this figure soon, I got another project dropped in my lap and I'm itching to start on it. And no, I'm not going to leave this one just to work on the other. That's how a Shelf of Shame gets started. ::P:

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