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77072: Bailey Silverbell


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Holy Toledo! - That is a VERY expressive face for such a small mini - nicely played!


Love the trim and the shading in general - i like how you managed to make her feel dark without actually painting her so dark that you miss all the detail


there is not much of it, but the hair got nice loving care


she is beautiful

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Really beautiful work overall, especially on her face.
However, I like the idea of the trim on the cloak, but the dots are throwing things off. Something that I learned in Jessica Rich's beginner freehand class is that if you're going to do freehand that's in a straight line, it has to be perfect or else the flaws really stand out. That's why a lot of fabric pattern freehand you see is made up of squiggly lines or shapes that are in an alternating pattern to trick the eye.

So here, you can see every slight variation:

But here, even though it's just as flawed, it appears much neater because the eye isn't expecting a straight line:

So while your freehand isn't terrible by any means, doing it a little bit differently will give you a better result. Just something to keep in mind for next time. ^_^

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