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Very nice!

I appreciate that Xherman, very much so.


You are on a serious RBG roll! Good job.

Thanks, Ya I am big fan of tre Manor's work. The scale and the realism is what impresses me the most. 


They look super!

Thanks Knarthex.


Good work on them!

Chaos, thanks you so much. ::):

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Did you mix and match heads from the Hirdsmen sprue as well?

I got 5 heads with each kit, and you seem to have some different ones...

I dont think so. I think I tired to keep with the head in in the park to go with the ones there. I mix the weapons though. 


Great work, I like the sober yet colorful way you painted all of them.

Thank you. That is kind of the look I go for. Although I have been trying to punch up my colors and realism. I get this imagine in my head of them standing in the rain and the color and look of their attire after it stops raining. I like it for now and produces something i'm relatively happy with but I'm always trying to do better with it. Thanks for noticing. ::):

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