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The Marsh Troll


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So I haven't posted in quite a while, which I suppose no one noticed. Better to be humble about these things. I have been working on this marsh troll for a while but I am a little frustrated because he seems too green. I can't seem to get the colors right.




I am also working on the base, which will be, ....., A marsh. I am trying to get the feel of a swampy marsh, and have the troll in the water. Here is the base and the materials  I am using




and here is the layout I am thinking of




I think it looks too bright and cheerful right now. I was going to use the lichens to make roots at the edge of the water, and mix in some dead grass. I was going to make the water a murky greenish black. Any suggestions?


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The base looks great! I like your troll but if you aren't happy with him, as stated above, you can give him a wash. You could also give him a light drybrush with a more olive toned green.


Whatever you choose, I would sample it on a small area first to make sure you like it before doing all of him. Great work so far!

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Thanks for the reply's. I am trying some reddish purple glaze as suggested, and it does 

tone down the green a bit, I also put some red and pink around the edges of the eyes

to give a grittier look. I'll post some more pics this weekend. It's game night ::D:

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So got some more work in today, managed to shirk cleaning the garage ::P:

First the base, I said I was going to add roots at the waters edge using some lichens I collected.




After putting some varnish on them to help preserve them I started on the other side, I also started adding the cat tails. Cat tails are made from paper, some green stuff and a pin, here is the tutorial I used, http://www.necrotales.com/necroTutorials/tut_base_plants03.php




And lastly I painted them with some GW dryad brown.




So back to the troll. Taking peoples suggestions I added some reddish purple wash, and I added some pink and red around the eyes.




I still thought that wasn't enough color, so I lightly dry brushed some vallejo golden yellow mixed with Ivory




I am starting to like it a bit more. Still need to work on the details.


Thanks for watching. Feedback appreciated.

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