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Sacred Sites - Resin Models for Gamers

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About this project

We are wanting to produce resin scenic models for a Sacred Sites range. Think of the burial tomb of a revered ancient hero, sealed behind stone slabs. Or a circle of standing stones half as old as time, hallowed by long dead priests. Or a weathered summoning circle in the depths of a lost valley, a place of sacrifice and worship, now only remembered only by the Old Gods.


We want to create these places for tabletop gamers with resin cast models. Whether you want something extra for your roleplaying sessions, or are looking for evocative scenery for the fantasy battlefield, these models will add character and mystery to your gaming world.

We are offering three different designs.


The first is a set of six Standing Stones, comprising a pair of small stones, a pair of leaning stones and a pair of tall stones. They can be placed in a circle, in parallel lines to flank a pathway, or dotted irregularly across the landscape. Each stone is on a 2"/5cm diameter base and measure upto 2.5"/6cm high.


Our second design is the Barrow Tomb, a humped burial mound sealed with a stone portal entrance. With inspiration taken from historic Neolithic sites, the design will give the ideal resting place for the bones of dead kings or the haunting place of wights.  It measures 6"/15cm long by 4.5"/11cm wide by 1.75"/4cm high.


And our third design is the Circular Dais set. The main piece of the set is a weathered stone platform (8"/20cm in diameter), with two low stepped levels. We also include four broken stone arch pieces (2"/5cm high with a base 1.75"/4cm long), which can be used to make two broken gates or placed to resemble gothic flying buttresses. Whether you are crowning a king at longest day or summoning evil monstrosities at midnight, the Circular Dais is the ideal model to set the scene.


We are also offering all three sets together for a complete Sacred Sites offer. Put Standing Stones around the Circular Dais for extra mystic effect, have the Barrow Tomb holding the bones of long dead kings nearby – the potential for creating different scenic sites is huge.


All of the models are designed by us and cast by us. We are also offering a limited number of models fully painted and flocked to the standard shown in the pictures.

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    • By DocPiske
      Looks interesting for the terrain, if not the miniatures. Two armies package includes two 20"x20" fortresses for less than $100.
      There are a couple of things that give me pause, though. First time creator, and claims to be in Chicago but English is clearly not his first language. May not mean anything but makes me wonder.

      "After over three years in the making, we are proud to present you the Eternal Eight - a WORLD'S FIRST 3D mini war game with innovative real 3D RELIEF. 
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      So, I invoke the 3 foot rule on these; one could go back and forth forever attempting to edge half-timbered buildings.
      I have been idly working on new scenery since the pandemic, and finished two more buildings plus a well I bought a few months ago.  (That’s lightning speed compared to some projects.)  These are sold on Amazon by some outfit called Ender Toys.  I picked up a group of four, and a second group of two, some fences and the well.  
      If these are an example of what I could get at home, I’m not rushing out to get a printer to wrestle with.  The filament lines are pretty distinct close up.


      However, they are light and didn’t take all that long to paint, so I think they will be fine in a game.
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      As Halloween approaches the dollar stores are filling up with cheap decorations and spooky bricabrac. Amid all the potential projects a certain reflective skull caught my eye. Not knowing if it would take paint or not I decided to roll the dice on a few. I attached them to some bases, added a bit of sand, and the next day I took them out to prime. 

      They ended up taking primer just fine, though I guess I shouldn't be surprised with the primer I use. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture of their grey primed goodness. 
      Next up were the basecoats of the skull and "dirt".

      I didn't get great or even smooth coverage on the skulls, but it was good enough as I was just going to add a heavy wash anyway.

      The wash was a bit thicker than I wanted but again I figured it was passable and more than good enough to move onto a final drybrush.

      Not too bad, but there is definitely room for improvement. I guess I'll just have to practice a bit more with my new drybrush. 

      I finally took the leap and tried Uncle Atom's makeup dry brushing technique. Though this project probably qualifies as a failure, I do see the potential. Now all I need is more practice, it's not like I don't have a huge backlog of terrain just waiting to be painted.
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Not super sure where to post this but this made the most sense to me. I found some fantastic miniature pumpkins at my local Joann Fabrics.

      Hopefully you can find them elsewhere if you don't have a Joann's.
      They come in $10 bags that are pretty big. I don't see myself ever needing to buy more. 

      They say "fall drieds" which makes me think they're some kind of organic. But they have the consistency of some kind of acorn or pinecone. So pretty solid. I don't think they'd deteriorate but if you're worried I'm sure a sealant of some kind would do the trick. 

      They come in a mix of sizes but they all look pretty good at 28mm scale. The cutting mat has half-inch squares.
      Most of the pumpkins are of the artistically exaggerated size compared to a mini, and the smaller ones tend to be darker and a bit more mishapen. The coloration in them is pretty decent. I think they could use a layer of highlights but if you're in a hurry or making a huge pumpkin patch, then they look just fine. 
      Anyways, I hope this is useful for someone!
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