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Vanguard Station: Map Poster & Miniature

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About this project


This campaign will create a poster with detailed deckplans for a small deep-space outpost and a matching hand-cast miniature. Digital documents detailing the station are also included.

Shipping within the US in included in the price. Most international orders will add $10 for a single item or $20 for two or more items (international postage doubles beyond 8 ounces). Rewards will be shipped using USPS first class mail from Pittsburgh, USA.


This Vigilance-class listening post was designed as a deep-space station that could serve a variety of functions. The small outpost is just over 160 feet tall and houses a permanent crew of 10. There are also barracks and facilities provided for 16 additional personnel (typically law enforcement or military) or guests. It boasts a dedicated detention center and hangar bays for two shuttles. 

The station lounge and administrative offices are open to the public. The food is only re-hydrated government fare, but the drinks are good and the patrons understandably well behaved. Whether the characters are just visiting (voluntarily or not), or looking for a place to call their own, this little station can fit the bill.


 Due to its size, the deck plans for the station fill both sides of the 24x36 inch poster. The maps have a 1-inch grid built into the floor and are scaled for use with miniatures at approximately 1 inch = 5 feet. Posters are mailed rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube.


The miniature is hand cast resin, modeled from a highly detailed 3D print. It comes preassembled but not painted and includes a clear acrylic base. As with most of my recent miniatures, this one was cast by Trollforged Miniatures using their professional equipment and proprietary formula. This resin is very durable and holds paint well. 

Please be aware that I hand drilled, epoxied, and glued each of these miniatures. There may be small imperfections or variations as a result of this hands-on process. It is also conceivable that a part may come lose during shipping or use - requiring additional glue.


This outpost is from issue #7 of Future Armada. Every pledge level includes a digital copy of this issue, which details the interior of the station and presents sample stats for the station and crew. The deck plans are provided on printable pages in both color and black and white. The digital reward also includes images of the poster (front and back). These are well suited for display on screen or via projector for high-tech gaming.

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