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Ral Partha Chariot of Fear (a.k.a. I Have No Idea What I'm Getting Into)

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So. I've had this thing since the mid-80s, and was always afraid (tee-hee) to do anything with it.




However, with time (and inspired by Buglips' work on Ral, Lord of Balrogs), I have decided to ignore that fact that I have school and clinicals and take a swing at this silly thing.


Silly, says I?


Just look at it! It's a chariot made from a Balrog, pulled by two other Balrogs ("Yo, dawg, I hear you like Balrogs...") and a teeeny little guy perched on the back, desperately trying to pretend like he belongs there. God, I just LOVE this thing!


Today, I cleaned off the parts and took inventory.




Yep, all there. The metal looks like it's going bad, but it's really quite sound. I can already see a few items that I'm going to have to do extra before I get paint on this thing. First off, the Black Prince is supposed to be holding one of those heads, but said heads are kind of out of scale to him, and look really bad when he has one. I'm not sure what else to give him yet - maybe a shield. Second; the Balrog's wings fit OK, but will need some greenstuff work. Last of all, the chariot Balrog tends to drag his chin on the ground if I put the model together as is. I'll just run a small pin from his chin to the ground for better support, which will take his weight off of that cute little front wheel (hey, Black Prince, you get that off a shopping cart?).




A little filing, pinning and gluing later - 




Oops, missed some mold lines. Eh, I'll get them later.  Only the high-five Balrog is glued to the base at this point, as he won't stand on his own.


I'm not too sure how regular I'll be with this WIP - this semester is absolutely brutal with added clinicals, so I may not be done for a looong time. Painting is a nice diversion and stress relief when I can do it, though. We'll see!


Just for fun, here are a couple photos of the insert that came with the model. Get your Polly-S paints ready! (I still have a bunch ;)  ) 


Spoilered to reduce some of the hugeness.





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I for one am looking forward to see how you progress! I like the old, original black prince more than the newer one. I've got this same box all beat up at home and full of balroggy goodness. Good luck!

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Also, you know instructions are old when they tell you to wash with vinegar... which contains acetic acid, which is what promotes lead rot!   :blink:


It's all part of an ancient plot a long-term business strategy by Ral Partha to drive up the price on the current secondary market by making your original copies fall apart much sooner so you have to go buy another on eBay - which was conveniently put there by a seller who's actually a front for Ral Partha, which still has a large warehouse of stock saved up to profit from...

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Ahhhh . . . more vintage RP goodness . . .  I just rediscovered this boxed set at the back of my hoard the other day.  Can't wait for the next installment of the WIP.


The Egg

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Ugh - I'm trying to get to this one. School is kicking my butt this semester, though - my teachers are of the "if one project/paper is good, why not have the class do three?" mindset. 


Never fear! (oh, wait. You have to fear - it's the chariot's whole shtick after all) The Black Prince will ride soon (ish, ish, ish...)!

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