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Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, and Wizard

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Thanks everyone! Putting the minis all beside each other I can see I improved a lot between the time I painted the elf and wizard to when I painted the dwarf and barbarian. I am hoping we will get to play a quest today and I will snap some pictures.

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    • By R2ED
      Based him and done. 

    • By Kekso
      It took me a while  to finish it. 

    • By R2ED
      I tried using a new method in pushing as many purples as i could.  This worked really well for the color scheme. 
      I had some trouble with getting the color of the scroll down.  Was really debating putting some writing on there, but decided to stop now while I felt like he was in a good spot.  I've been pushing my luck lately on a few of my projects and end up totally screwing them up.  I've been trying to find my point of no return and stopping before I cross it.  Seems like this guy was good where he's at.  
      Things I learned:
      1. Tried black lining on the back of the cape and recesses of the robe with black acrylic ink - WIN!
      2.  Tried using a wash on the top of the hat and back of robe with Nuln Oil - Fail.  Had to go over and redo.  Finding I'm getting lack luster results with washes.  I've started adding flow aid to them for better results, but I just can't seem to wash like I see other people doing.  Weird?
      3.  Kept to a single color palette over the whole scheme - purple.  Win.
      4.  Didn't get too carried away with flesh tones.  Just did a barbarian AP skin tone and hit it with a thinned Agrax Earthshade - win.
      I'm happy with the results thus far, but I may go back later to further improve him.  Not now though...  

    • By Doug Sundseth
      Another Bones figure. I'm not entirely sure where the color scheme came from. I just started and it kind of grew. 

      This is a very annoying figure to paint. The hat brim is very wide and there's detail under it that is almost impossible to get to. The same is true of the beard. But the semi-random color scheme turned into something way outside what I usually paint, but in a good way.
      Bones are great for experiments, because I don't feel like I have to obsess about every detail like I would for a competition piece. And I think my quality is going up as a result.
    • By lazarp
      I'm in love with this mini, that retro feel it has is just great!
      I had a lot of fun painting it and tried being bold with the basing 
      Really happy with how it turned out 

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