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So, a bunch of us have decided that we're going to work on the same figure every month on the Google Hangouts.  The first one (that spawned the idea) is the old Chainmail Orc Druid. In the future, most of the figures chosen will probably be Reaper.


I used part of my day off yesterday to find, and get caught up with, everyone else that's doing this.

I decided to go with the stereotypical orcs=green paint scheme. I had 2 excellent reasons for this:

1) The green paint already happened to be out and open,

2) There's this skirmish game called 'Mordheim' where you control a warband that's looting a ruined city. In this game, there is the option to play an orc and goblin warband. I already have half of a warband painted; this guy will be joining the gang once he's done. Of course, I'll use him for other stuff, too.



This is what I got done yesterday: reprimed, and basecoat for the skin and teeth.




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I haven't forgotten about this, I'm just...um...taking my time! Yeah, we'll go with that.


I did a little more work on him last night.


I did more work on the pelt, layed down the basecoat for his bone staff/club/thing, and did the scars/tattoos on his forearms.



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