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I've had a couple of half finished Reaper vampires waiting in the (bat) wings for the best part of last year so I thought it was about time that I finished them off......


The first one, presented here, is Jahenna (the other one is Gastaroth). I've always wanted to have a go at painting sheer clothing so this is my first attempt at that.


This mini, whilst being fully clothed, is somewhat sultry so I thought I'd better post external pics:



Jahenna front


Jahenna front left


Jahenna rear left


Jahenna rear


Jahenna rear right


Jahenna front right



Comments are always welcome, thanks for looking! ::):

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Can you take us through the steps to make the transparent look on the dress? brilliantly done


Many thanks!


Ok, I'll try, here goes:


I won't give any actual paint brands or colours used as these can be adapted to whatever you want to use.


1. SKIN - I painted the skin first by applying a dark grey/purple base colour (leave to dry), followed by a purple wash (leave to dry), I then applied a lighter grey/purple for the first highlight layer, finally I applied an even lighter grey/purple to the most extreme highlights.


2. DRESS - Before starting on the dress, I had a really good look at the miniature & worked out in my mind which areas should realistically be transparent, these are the areas where the dress is stretched most tightly over the body or is in direct contact with the skin. The areas which I calculated would not be transparent were the high & low folds of the dress as these are falling freely & did not appear to be touching the skin. Once I was happy with these calculations I proceeded to paint.

I painted the whole dress with a darkish red followed by a dark brown wash (or it may have been black - I can't quite remember! :unsure:). I then applied a lighter red to the highlights followed by an even lighter red to the most extreme highlights - please note that neither of these two highlight colours were applied to the pre-defined "transparency" areas, these remained in the initial darkish red.


3. TRANSPARENCY AREAS - To give the effect, I figured that the transparency areas should be a mixture of the dress & skin colours but should never get any lighter than the final skin highlight as the dress would be filtering some of the (moon)light out. With this in mind, I proceeded.

On a palette, I made up a 1:1 mix of the initial dark red dress colour & the final "even lighter" grey/purple skin highlight colour. I thinned this mix down to a milk-like consistency (not too thick & not too thin!) & carefully applied it to the specific transparency areas making sure that it gave good coverage & that it did not get onto any "wrong" areas. After drying, I added some more of the lightest skin colour to the mix (whilst keeping the same fluid consistency) making sure that there was a noticeable lightening of the mix but not too much. I then went back to the areas & applied this to a slightly smaller area making sure to leave some of the previous colour showing around its edge. I repeated this a few times more with an ever increasingly lighter mix building up to the highlights until I got to a suitable final shade on the extreme highlights that was not as light as the actual skin highlights.


This possibly sounds quite complicated but don't worry, it's not too bad. It was harder to put down in words than to actually paint! :lol: Hope it helps!

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