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CMON Rising Sun


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48 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

You think there is a chance that the late pledge will still be open when the Bones IV KS starts?


That way I can see what Bones has compared to this.


A $1 pledge would have done it for sure. There is a good chance if you sign up for a late pledge now the pledge manager would work. Waiting to sign up would be more hit or miss. Be careful about pushing the pledge manager date if you aren't in the US though, anyone who is past whatever the deadline ends up being will have it shipped from the US rather than anywhere local.

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I was able to watch a couple demo's of Rising Sun at the CMON EXPO this past weekend.  While I wasn't selected to be one of The Legion who was taught the game by Eric Lang, there was a team of three Legion members who ran demos for the game over the weekend.  Unfortunately, the media blitz on the game was in full swing, so it was only out on the game tables for a few hours each day.


From what I saw of the minis and the game play, I can't wait for this game to arrive.  It is my understanding that demos of the game MAY.. REPEAT MAY, be at Origins, GenCon and a few other select gaming conventions this year.

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7 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

CMON usually allows late backers, don't they?


Late pledge is closed.


I thought I read somewhere on the KS that they were a  offering KS packages to retailers.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?


 It would be a huge help and maybe I could track down a pre-order somewhere. 

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Please help!!


When I search for Rising Sun Late Pledge in google and go through the link on the CMON website I see a message that says "Late pledges have now closed.  Thanks for your interest in Rising Sun"


However when I go to the KS page they have the Late Pledge link still on there and I am able to pull up the ordering information page.


I just don't want to make a pledge and then have them not send anything.


Anyone know anything about this?



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