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Loving your metallics and that base!  Everything else is pretty righteous too.

Thanks BLZeebub,  I liked the metallics as well.  Base was a rather rushed job, but came out OK.


Oh yeah, back stories for minis are a requirement.  Aren't they?

On many of them sentinel.  Especially If you end up working on them for more than a few days.  Which at the rate I paint means many of them


FANTASTIC! She has such a WONDERFULLY serious expression. Your colors, brushwork, & basing are OUTSTANDINGVERY WELL DONE!

Thanks you Mal, your comments are as pleasant to read as your post are to follow.


Beautiful job! The purple is fantastic.

Thanks SG, seems I'm on a purple kick at the moment.  her Amy survivor from Zombicide.  That and several of the zombies.  


Beautiful piece! Loving the base and the color choices.

Thanks Dilvish. I wish they were all me but I stole them as a test for a color theme for a later mini.


Wonderful work!  Shiny black is tough to pull off, but you did it with excellence!

Thank Kuro,  I think I managed to pull that off better than I have non-shiny black still a bane to me.


Love the blacks and the metals!

Thanks moonglum, think practicing the NMM helped with the blacks on this one.


Another awesome paintjob!


She is lovely!

:blush: Another?  Thanks Xherman.


She looks amazing; very nice work!


And yes, quite a few of my figures have backstories, too.

Thanks Chaos, Seems the only way sometimes to keep up the momentum if I take to long painting them

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I painted her last year. I love that sculpt. You've done a really bang-up job on her. As usual, I love your color choices and that you can blend so smoothly. *jealous!*

Thanks, no need to be jealous.  It's been lots of practice (not talent) that got to even this level of blending.  Keep at and you'll get there.

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      Presenting Lysette, a mage from the Bones USA line by Reaper.
      Started on this one back in January, but got stuck on her dress so she spent a while in the Cupboard Of Unfinished Things.
      Unfortunately, my camera doesn't like her sky blue hair and it's really blown the colours out, she looks a tad better in hand.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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      ....and when the last crumbs of hope were lost, from the deeps of the elven forest, came a heroine!
      Alright, this happened to be an interesting project. I'm guessing Fiara lost a bunch of details when going from metal to plastic bones.  At some point, I felt like there wasn't much to work with.  I ended up  free-handing some of the details.  Also, blacklining seemed to help quiet a lot.  I originally wanted to use metalics on the sword, but at the last moment decided for NMM.
      As always, all sorts of feedback is welcomed! 🙂

      P.S. For the love of God, I could not take a good picture of her! (or a picture that would satisfy my likeness).  So, I'm dumping a few extras in here.

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      Since the Eye Beasts are making good progress, getting the next model ready.  A suitable Player Character model.  Turanil, Male Elf Paladin.

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      As seen in the WIP section (thanks for all who helped me out). I thought I'd pop her here as no one else seems to have painted her. 
      (Note that the enlarged elf ears and the base / mushrooms are my own additions)
    • By WhiteWulfe
      Finished my first mini this year, and oddly enough it was a speedpaint, taking just over an hour...

      On the flipside, some of those colours work together really, REALLY well, like Sunrise Orange and Heart Throb Paint.
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