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Baba Yaga's Hut by Eastern Front Studios (Picture heavy)

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Baba Yaga Hut by Eastern Front Studios   I'm trying to get back to getting WIP out. Now that I finished my big warband and am working on another commission piece. I'll take more photo's tonight of m

UPDATE 6       14 - This is a close up of the wood paneling. I did about 4 layers to brightening it up.

UPDATE 4   THE HUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So I got around to putting base coats on the hut. Not finished with that process as I got enthralled with painting the onion. It turned out ok.

Posted Images



3-Magnetic base: This was a trail but a fun one. You can see the magnets I used there on the left of the photo, (1.26 inchs) Got them from amazing. So for this guy I did the chicken legs first. Dremeled out the large hole then placed the magnet it unglued. Put the hut on top and flipped it over. Marked the location and then dremeled the hole. Finally mixing Greenstuff and covered over the holes. Those magnets have a 45 LBS hold so they work GREAT. All in all it turned out great! I do this kind of stuff on Battletech techs all the time but never anything this large. Well it translates over easily.



To preface the next two pictures. She is painted green so that when I go over it with a tans it has a different look. It's color theory thing I'm doing here. The client didn't want a green witch so I'm doing a multi-toned, elvish style skin... hopefully. LOL.

4-Next we have Baba Yaga Standing. I wanted to add some free hand to this gal and I think I came up with something good. Now I am going to muck up the whole outfit but here it is clean. 



5-Baba Yaga Action: I added the free hand to the bottom of her "dress" as well. Although her outfit is torn and wild. It even has patches on it. The mortar and pastel turned out well too. Although I am thinking of punching up the color on it. I will wait though. Going to do some OSL coming from the inside the pot.



Lastly, I want to do some free hand on her shirt but I can't seem to come up with anything I like. If y'all have any ideas please post a picture of it here. I'm kind of stuck right now.

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I punched up the red on her bonnet a bit more. Still working on it.


I'm tackling the skin now. Trying out attempting to make it look discolored. I still need to do an off white (using Leather white) upper highlights. The discoloration is done with a Vallejo Heavy Red which is kind of a purple red. 






What do y'all think? Any suggestions? ::):

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That is the weirdest looking mortar and pestle I've ever seen (to date), and yes, I own one. ^^;


Past that, I'm boggled, fascinated and looking forward to seeing what new wonder you're going to show off.

And.. dayum, but that standing version of Baba Yaga has some long arms.

Thanks Sylverthorne,


Ya no joke. I was reading up on the lore of Baba Yaga and one description talks about her being able to reach every corner of her hut while standing over her area she is brewing a potion or whatever. It went on to say how her nose would hit the walls. It's a pretty interesting lore.

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THE HUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I got around to putting base coats on the hut. Not finished with that process as I got enthralled with painting the onion. It turned out ok... I'm still not happy with it. I'm thinking of adding a bit more brown to the lower section. Going to sit on a day then re-approach it.


7- the onion is done with staggered shades of orange. Then some darker browns. The client wanted the little birds to be red but worn and faded. I painted them Big Top Red and then washed them with a Brown/red colored painted that I can't remember the name of right now. Later on I will use some Leather white and what not to make it look faded. Again, all of these are base coats so it's just stage one of the process. Except for the onion with I spend most of my time on last night.



8-You can't really see it in the photo but I used a bit of metallic medium and glazed the outside... then glazed over it with brown. It will probably not show up in the picture but it's there and looks a lot better than I had thought. Adds a little bit of whimsy to the piece. ::):



Suggestions are always welcome. Thanks!

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My first thought was ... why did he put an onion on top of the hut? I did not realize at first that it was part of the mini. It looks very much like a real onion. The discolorations on Baba Yaga work really well too. Thanks for showing us how you do it!

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Previous update for comparison:



9/10 - Basically I used Leather white on the upper highlights. After that I used a Reaper flesh wash focusing on pulling it toward to VLJ Heavy Red at the wrists. 

post-13341-0-54377500-1487169494.jpg post-13341-0-76561800-1487169495.jpg


11/12 - More free hand to match the standing Baba Yaga and the same skin and blending from the standing.

post-13341-0-03408700-1487169497.jpg post-13341-0-09617700-1487169498.jpg

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Thanks everyone.


Whoa, I didn't realize this set had finally come out!  The mortar-riding version is right out of Ivan Bilibin's art.

Everything looks great so far!

- Ya I actually mentioned that to the client. I have those pictures saved for this project too.

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      For my upcoming Ravenloft campaign.



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      Finished the Gibbet for the Hut and Baba Yaga...Thanks for looking.

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      #96 Baba Yaga:

      Baba Yaga, the Evil Witch of Slavic folklore, flying around in her Mortar, wielding her Pestle. Or maybe it's a massive Q-tip to clean out the ears of her chicken-legged dancing hut?
      I made a 25x35mm oval base and drilled a hole in the bottom of the mortar. I unbent a paperclip slightly and bent the long bit at an angle, and glued the end in the hole. The rest of the paperclip was glued flat on the base and lo! A flying mortar. I glued Baba Yaga herself down at an angle to make her looking more like she was sitting comfortably rather than squatting  precariously. I am pleased with how the angles match up to make her look straight ahead.
      So now she can be, say, a mounted necromancer or other kind of wizard.
      In the KS this model was represented by a concept drawing, and the sculptor has done a good job of realising it.
      Regretfully, I did not get her Dancing Hut from the KS.
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      This was the must-have from Bones 4 for me! I cut off and modded the legs and created the base with apoxie sculpt so the hut can be placed on its own or on the legs. The paint scheme is "chicken" ;) 
      I can't even remember all the colors I used on this thing, it was a mad mix of Reaper browns and golds, Pokorny terracotta, homemade washes, and I pretty much just kept going at it until I was happy. I hit everything with a matte varnish except several coats of gloss varnish on the window glass. 

    • By Lidless Eye
      The forest became full of a terrible din; the trees began to groan, the branches creaked as if a violent storm were coming, and the old witch Baba Yaga came crashing through the undergrowth in her great iron mortar.
      With a pestle in her right hand she urged the mortar along, while her left hand was busy sweeping away the trail behind her with a broomstick.
      A host of spirits came in her wake, sending up a terrible howling and screeching until she approached the gates, where they left her and flew silently back into the forest.
      She rode right up to the gates in the mortar, all the while chanting in a blood- curdling voice:
      'Little hut, little hut
      Turn towards me with your door
      Turn your back to the forest
      And your face to me!
      And the hut immediately stopped spinning, turned to face her and stood still.



      Edit: Forgot to mention: The 3 Baba Yagas are the Bones 4 Baba Yaga, the Village Attacks character, and from the Steve Jackson Games "Hellboy Villains" boxed set.  The second Dancing Hut is one I crafted around 2014 for my "Pathfinder: Reign of Winter" game, which is a Paizo Adventure Path that is based around the Baba Yaga.
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