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Hell Knight Captain, Cardolan, Malbeth, & Isabeau Laroche

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Hell Knight Captain SKU 60127

I’m not sure why this guy is called a hell knight captain, while he looks like a captain he certainly doesn’t look hellish. Anyway this mini looked cool so I decided to buy and paint him. I think he looks more like a late Roman Era or Byzantine Knight so I tried and went for that sort of look. This was the first mini where I decided to shade the armor, I painted the breastplate metallic steel over black and then tried to shade the leather a dark brown. I shaded the sword and scabbard, and tried to use a light silver on the edges of the hilt and gold ensign to give it more definition. I also shaded the pants and shirt. I decided to experiment and dark wash the red cloak, I also washed the beige clothing to add more contrast. I decided to freehand a beard on him to make him look a bit older, I tried salt n pepper hair but it didn’t turn out well, so I reverted back to plain brown hair.



Cardolan Ranger SKU 02565

Next I painted the human ranger with the goal of becoming better at shading in mind. For this mini I dark washed his studded leather armor and the broach while using lighter colors to highlight the edges. I also highlighted the edges of the bow, quiver, and scabbard although its hard to see in the pictures. I painted his cloak a dark green then dry brushed a lighter green on top, then I added the emblem to his cloak. I tried to do some shading to the metal edges of the shield, but I think I painted it too light. I think I should have used more color contrast like I did with the sword blade. I’m going to repaint the base of this miniature, since the grass looked rather bad. I used flash for the Back picture to try to capture the shading on the cloak.



Isabeau Laroche SKU 03364

I was inspired to paint this mini by the pictures of the awesome ones I’ve seen online. For my mini, I decided to attach the shield arm first before painting. I rotated the arm to be further out to the side, so I could paint the left side of the mini. Most people that I’ve seen seem to paint her as having leather armor, but I decided to go with a metal breastplate over black arming doublet look. This allowed me to get a lot of contrast for the black & silver armor which I think fits well with the red dress color. For the hair I painted it black first, then did two coats of blond over it, I think it turned out pretty good, especially the ponytail! I did some very light shading on the face but I see it doesn't show in the pictures. For the sword & shield I decided to paint both a light nonmetallic grey then shade the edges/high points with silver. I thought about doing a fleur de lise design, but the paint scheme on the mini didn’t look very French, so I decided to try a German eagle type design instead.



Malbeth Blackhawk 02495

Originally I had painted all of Malbeth’s armor to have a silver & black theme, but then I decided that the mini was too monotone. It’s difficult to tell especially in the front picture but I used two shades of red on his armor, it shows better in the backside picture. I tried to drybrush his hair with lighter brown highlight but it doesn’t seem to show in the pictures, do I need to move to a more offwhite color? I used a dark silver & light silver for his leg armor.



A couple questions;

How can I keep the paint from drying on the tip of the brush so fast, when trying to paint the small details, I’m using a 30/0 reaper brush?

Are the people who are painting the really detailed mini’s using more magnification? Like 5-10x?


Thank you all very much for your comments on my other threads, I’ll try to get some basing/flocking to put on the bases. I was able to get good at painting the eyes because on the first two mini’s I painted them several times! The reaper guide on painting eyes is top notch, I was lucky to read it very early on!

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First, nice work. I really like your color schemes.


To keep paint from drying so much, try using a bigger brush. Even if you still think you need the tiniest possible brush, just try moving up a few sizes (but make sure you get one with a good point). You'll be surprised how much difference that makes. Also, you might look at what paint you're using and how much you're thinning it. If you still have trouble, there are drying retardants you can add to your paint, but that really shouldn't be necessary.

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I really like to rinse my brush often and it helps prevent clumping. (Rinse brush, quickly wipe on a towel to remove most of the water, dip back into thinned paint.) I also do some of my painting with the aid of an optivisor. My husband has better than 20/20 vision and he still borrows my optivisor to paint tiny details like eyes.


You have great freehand going on, so I look forward to seeing what you do when you pick up more skills!

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Your freehand is top notch!


Like the others have said, a bigger brush is the way to go, you just have to have a nice tip.

You might want to look into making a wet palette, that will keep your paint from drying before you get any on your brush. I use a low closable container, a sponge, baking paper and purified water with a very very tiny amount of bleach.

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