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The Next To The Last Hurrah: The Red Brotherhood Night Goblin Army

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Since these are pieces that, while in the same silly vein as those in The Last Hurrah Thread, they really wouldn't work in that setting & are a dead end project. I thought a new thread might be appropriate. The Last Hurrah will still be the ongoing thingy.


One of the Folk on the Reaper Forum posed the question to the community at large: "Do you have a favorite Army?". Photos were requested.


I just happen to have the remains of a nice undefeated Night Goblin, Troll, & Giant Army packed up & sitting in a cardboard box under my work table. They are the last Army I painted & will likely remain so. I was merrily adding to the Beasty when G.W. made some changes, added a new rules book, & hoisted interest in War Hammer at my the local hobby/games store on their own petard....ergo my Army remains undefeated aka never played.


It was originally going to be a (American) White Dwarf Skirmish Game Army, but it grew. When I arrived here in Texas it became apparent that gaming was not in my future. SO friend Edwin "Mordheimer" Molina offered to eBay the lot. I shipped it off to him. He took some photos & sold a couple of the units...the price he got was low enough for me to call the selling off. He returned the remains, which have lurked in their box under the work table, all wrapped up ever since.


SO I posted Edwin's photos & the thought that perhaps I should finally unpack the Lads & take some photos popped unbidden into my head. Ergo, I did, AND will momentarily inflict both Edwin's & my own photos upon you, Gentle Readers.


This is the remains of the Army, fresh fro their box:







...next I'll post the Molina Files & some more detailed pics of the still around crew.

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Wow!  Beautiful work. I can't believe that didn't catch more attention on ebay. 


I have a goblin army -- not nearly so well painted -- in a box, too.  It saw play once before the friends who got us involved in the game decided to quit. I like to think that they were afraid of my rock thrower. :)

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Wow!  Beautiful work. I can't believe that didn't catch more attention on ebay. 


I have a goblin army -- not nearly so well painted -- in a box, too.  It saw play once before the friends who got us involved in the game decided to quit. I like to think that they were afraid of my rock thrower. :)


Thanks for the kind reply, Inarah...you reminded be that the bolt thrower was not visible in the top two photos, SO I added a third.

Goblin high tech weapons are fear inducing creations.Sometimes the fear is actually induced by the enemy.

I'm delighted you like them. The first two units: Squigs & Squig Hoppers sold right away. The problem was that Edwin had no idea what they were worth & sold them at less than the cost of the minis...c'est la vie, eh?!

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Copied from the Getting to Know You Thread, these are some of Edwin "Mordheimer" Molina's Fabulous Photos:

Barf O'Bilges Bounding Boys:
Gorger McGoon's Gourmet's:
Morbid McMunch's Epicures:
AND Lulu The Land Waster:
...Edwin had a theory that anything he could eat became his:
...rather than test it out, I told him to consider Lulu permanently on loan to him. The end results could have proven too painful otherwise.
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Edwin's ever enthusiastic approach to photos & life in general is & was breath taking. I've never posted his picture in there entirety before, but I think it would be the time to do so.

Ergo expanding on the photos above, here are more of Barf O'Bilge's Bounding Boys:























...Gouger & Morbid's Lads will be up next...once I can focus my eyes again.

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Well, I hope whoever got them cherishes them to this day. That is a beautiful and fearsome-looking army.

Thanks, Pingo...I'm delighted yo like them. I really don't have a clue where they went. I think they will be okay though.


Wow!  What a fun army!  Fantastic work!   ::):


Thanks for the kind reply, Kuro. Coming from a Master of The Craft, that is quite a compliment.

I'm glad you enjoyed the stuff thus far....more to come.


Quite striking!


Thanks, joshua...glad you like it. Your retinas will eventually feel better.

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Wow, they are beautiful, with an amazing spectrum of conversion work to be seen!    So inspiring, and such a labor of love.


Thanks for the kind reply, Chris. I'm delighted you like the flashy Little Rogues.

That was an insightful observation. After decades of painting for Folks ohe than myself, these were the first miniatures I did for the pure joy  of creating...getting in a game was a secondary consideration. 


Morbid McMunch's Epicures are next. These like Barf's Boys were sold, & have taken up residence in some unknown locale never to be seen again...love melodrama:















...closeups...Edwin's favorite thing:













...next the hairy Trolls.

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I've got to say your banners are terrific too!  And once again I am admiring all your tiny writing!  


Thanks for the reply, Chris. Banners & shields are favorites with me...I guess it shows. The script is just something I enjoy; I have no idea why, but congenital idiocy has not been ruled out.


Really excellent. I'm envious of your skill. Thanks for sharing these. 


Thank, Loim. I'm sure you will pass me sometime in the near future. I the meanwhile, thanks for the compliment. I delighted you enjoy them.

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Here are Gouger McGoon's Gourmets:















...Edwin loves closeups. In addition to the group close ups, he has individual pictures of each of the Troll, which I will post on request:















...next Lulu The Land Waster. Edwin went rather nuts with the Girl; SO I may have to be selective with the photos.

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