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Ral Partha :: Blue Dragon :: DG3 :: Thrym WIP #RPBD


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Cleanliness is next to Dragon Godliness


This ancient blue dragon sculpt from Tom Meier from way back at the beginnings of Ral Partha got cleaned up and is ready for a new life on my shelf.




I rebuilt him onto a 2 inch square of Sculpey I did a test stamp on a while back.  I removed the mold lines and such but have yet to Green Stuff the wing join.


I also applied a bark parquet flooring of sorts.  I sanded it down to get it sort of level and fill in some of the gaps with left over Green Stuff from gap filling and likely some Green Putty.


I'll cover the somewhat awkward spacing around his integral base with some small amount of treasure coins, gems, etc.


But so far, I like the flooring even if it isn't even and level.  Makes it that much cooler looking I think.


Enjoy and Stay Tuned!

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Filled in some of the "cracks" and the space around the dragon's integral base with super glue and filler.


Primed him grey last night as well.  Don't have pictures yet of that.








Stay tuned.  I'll try to get more pictures of him tonight with the Primer and possibly a wash for the details.

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