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Oldhammer Goblin Miniatures with Earth dawn (last few hours)

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About this project

Kev Adams, Tim Prow, Chaz Elliot and Phil Lewis are names that immediately invoke images of the old school style fantasy miniatures commonly referred to as Oldhammer. Heartbreaker produced many classic fantasy miniatures sculpted by this legends during the 1990s before going out of business. When Heartbreaker closed, Chris Bledsoe was given the masters for the miniatures line so that he could start his own company ZN Games in 2001. Unfortunately Chris passed away from cancer in 2002 and his goal of re-releasing the Heartbreaker line of fantasy was never achieved.

Impact! Miniatures has been working with the estate of Chris Bledsoe to complete his goal of returning these classic Oldhammer style sculpts to the marketplace. We could not think of a better place to start than with hordes of Goblins.


The project goal when reached will fund all the costs needed to mold the old masters and bring the first 3 Heartbreaker product lines selected (Kev Adams Goblins, Tim Prow Goblins and Fantasy Artillery Team) back to market.


All the miniatures available in this KickStarter will be cast in high quality spincast resin. All miniatures are supplied unpainted. All miniatures will come with a 25mm slotta black plastic base.

KEV ADAMS GOBLIN SET (31 miniatures - $35) - This set includes all 31 of the Goblin miniatures shown


FANTASY ARTILLERY SET (15 miniatures - $35) - This set includes all 15 of the miniatures shown immediately below for the Ratmen, Goblin and Undead artillery teams.


TIM PROW GOBLINS SET (16 miniatures - $29) - This set includes all the Goblins shown immediately below.


(smaller subsets of these minis are also available, see KS page for details)


Stretch goals will unlock another set of Heartbreaker fantasy miniatures from Kev Adams, Tim Prow, Chaz Elliot or Phil Bowen. We have 9 additional sets that we can do and we'll work with the backers to determine which mold we should unlock with each stretch goal.
•Kev Adams Dwarf (26 miniatures)
•Kev Adams Orc (16 miniatures)
•Kev Adams Demons & Tim Prow Ratmen (15 miniatures)
•Tim Prow Elf (16 miniatures)
•Tim Prow Dark Elf (15 miniatures)
•Chaz Elliot Elf (25 miniatures)
•Chaz Elliot Warriors & Half-Bloods (17 miniatures)
•Phil Lewis Undead (19 miniatures)
•Phil Lewis Knights & Wizards (22 miniatures)


With the approval of Chris Bledsoe's Estate I set up a small charitable fund in Chris' name. 10% of all sales of any of the miniatures from Chris' Estate put back into production is put into the fund which is used to help miniatures based KickStarters to succeed (note this happens only for sales after the KickStarter since no KickStarter funds can be used for charitable purposes). If you are interested in the fund, you can see more information about it here. ( https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007944226764 ). If you want to see the projects the fund has assisted so for far you can see that here: ( https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/90275604 )


There is one major way that KickStarters are successful: Social Media. If you want to help us fund and then hit all these stretch goals, please take a few moments to share the project on Facebook, send out a tweet on Twitter or start a thread on your favorite forum to discuss the project. Let the people know we are here so the project can be as successful as possible.

Finally, thank you in advance for backing and helping support our project!

Tom @ Impact!

(minis made in spincast resin by Trollforged) 

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Wow, I am super happy to see these figures coming back! Those goblins have character! I have a bunch of them from back before Heartbreaker Hobbies was bought by... Target Games, I think?


I hope that they get around to the old Heartbreaker resin terrain pieces as well!


The Auld Grump

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I see there are two batches of elves in the stretch goal list. I may be lured out of kickstarter retirement if they're really good 

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I may pledge just to support getting these back into production.  But I may just wait for retail too since the foundation idea is cool.


Off topic a bit, but I wonder if anyone has pursued acquiring the Ilyad Games molds.  I would love a bunch of those but the prices are really high for the best ones.

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I see there are two batches of elves in the stretch goal list. I may be lured out of kickstarter retirement if they're really good 


You can see the stuff that might come back here Beagle



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Two stretchgoals (1600 and 2000) already down, though not clear yet which packs ... depending on that, I might have to throw money at them.


Correction: First stretch goal: Kev Adams Orcs, second stretch goal: Dwarves (sorry Beagle).


and two more stretch goals down: Chaz Elliot Elves and Rats+Demons!

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The dragon kin elves in the link Orlando provided look really cool. If they get unlocked I may get in on this. As it is, the goblins seem like a real bargain. The 31 miniature mega set is $35... That is kind of hard to resist.

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Oooh. Ok, Will now go back to take another look. :;):


Edit: Yes they Are! And dwarves added too. Now, do I want all the elves or just the 1st group....? Hmmm

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