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Oldhammer Goblin Miniatures with Earth dawn (last few hours)

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I asked about the Chronopia stuff. He said there are some licenses he is still working on. I hope he is able to get it. Would love to get the Blade Maidens and First born.


I don't think I have any of those masters (sorry to say).   I have 2 boxes left from working on this project for 3 years.  On is a box of MtG masters and the other is a box of Warzone masters.


MtG masters? Magic the Gathering? If yes. PLEASEEEEE! O__O



Hasbro (and its sub WotC) is NOT an easy company to get a license from unfortunately.

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I wonder if you could get away with having a sculptor add a snazzy hat to each of the MtG figures and giving them a silly name to make them 'parody's' ?


probably not unfortunately


Okay so since you said that ... I have to show you this.   So as part of the Chris Bledsoe estate ... his father was not involved super heavily to know what was and was not in the ZN Games workshop.   So what he did was put all 900 lbs. worth of the ZN Games workshop that he still had boxed up onto a pallet and shipped it ALL to me (molds, masters, sculpts in progress, left over production copies, notebooks, loose notes, a CD copy of his hard drive)... EVERYTHING!   And since there was a lot of stuff that was never released ... it means a LOT of research to figure out what was what and who if anybody I needed to get a license.


So in a catalog that he had printed before he became very ill at the end of 2001 was a new release ... a Troll Mountain Thumper model. ZN Games part number 23-024.  Masters had been made and a finished production mold ready for spinning to make many more was done and ready to go.

The Troll Mountain Thumper looks like this:



I now refer you to Heartbreaker MtG model 9125



So there you go ... it appears Orlando ... that you and Chris thought alike.

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With the stretch goals unlocked in the last 2 days, this KickStarter is now offering 290 old Heartbreaker models for you to choose from in the sets!   I am beyond happy to be able to return that many figures to the market.   Thank you to everyone who helped this project become a success.


I am now adding in free miniatures to the existing sets in the KickStarter as we reach each $500 stretch goal.  We'll keep going until all 16 sets have at least one free extra miniature.

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That's so cool Tom!


and on to the update to add temptation to those sets


Stretch Goal #15 AND! #16 reached last night ... more free minis added to sets

We broke two stretch goals last night ... incredible.  Thanks backers.

So we unlocked a free Kev Adams 2026 Dark Goblin Champion w/Mace being added as a free extra figure to the Kev Adams Goblin MEGA set.

We also unlocked a free Chaz Elliot 5015 High Elf Noble being added to the Chaz Elliot Elf MEGA set.

Stretch Goal #17 is next and unlocks at $8500 which will add a Chaz Elliot 5028 Undead Lord with Sword to the Artillery Team MEGA set.

I've planned out extra free miniatures to sets all the way through $15,500, so I look forward to the backers knocking down these stretch goals and getting free miniatures added to all 16 sets!

These miniatures are also all available in the Add-ons section now.

Kev Adams 2026 Dark Goblin Champion w/Mace - $2


Chaz Elliot 5015 High Elf Noble - $2


Chaz Elliot 5028 Undead Lord with Sword - $4



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I'll do a write up with pics tomorrow, but let me give a quick summary before I hit the bed...


Assuming this is the shipping product, for the price and quality you would be an idiot for not backing this KS. I still have some issues with TF casting, and I'll talk about that a bit in my longer post. But these are nice minis and the price on offer definitely offsets the quirks of TF in my opinion.


Or let me sum it up more directly: I backed for the elf set. Darnit!

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First up, let's start with the flaws and get it out of the way. TF does some weird stuff, there are many little triangles in tight spots. Maybe to avoid undercuts? I'm no mold-maker, so I can't say. But as a hobbyist, these seem terrible to me, and I haven't seen anything quite this bad in other materials. A simple flat plug that could be painted black would be more ideal, really. There's no way around having to deal with this, and it's clearly part of the mold process. In the first pic, you can see these clearly under the two pouches on the belt.


Then there's the usual TF venting. Placement isn't terrible, but I'm not a fan of having detail-obscuring plugs all over a mini. Again using this first mini as an example (he had most of the trademark TF flaws, but is also my favorite of the bunch), look under the snake for a couple vent remnants. Of course, RH's models are FAR worse when it comes to this, so on a scale of 1 to RH, I give the molds for the Impact stuff a 5 for venting. TF doesn't cast as cleanly as hand-poured resin.


I think #1 is also the worst of the bunch for mold lines/slip. A couple out of the pack of 7 I was sent show minimal slip, some show significant slip requiring a pretty good session of cleaning (again, I'm super picky about this kind of thing, so ymmv).




On other note on flaws, the bubbles. TF can sometimes hide some nasty ones, in the RH TGG1 and also RBG minis I found some hidden ones that broke minis during cleaning. While it's impossible to find them until you find them, I did find one detail-marring bubble at the end of the tongue of the last mini pictured here (which sucks because he's awesome otherwise).


I also took these two pics to highlight the level of detail. It's crisp, and it's good. There's a lot to like about that!




The bottom line is, for the price Impact is charging, even at retail, these are good minis. With Tom standing behind his product, I have few reservations about recommending them with the few caveats listed above. Basically if you require perfect casts, you should just stay away from TF entirely. But perfect casts are rare and expensive. RH simply steps over a price threshold where the flaws in the material and casting become unbearable. Impact does not make that mistake.


Based on this set, you will be getting some great sculpts with good cast detail and some casting and molding flaws at a price that mitigates the flaws and magnifies the great sculpting and detail.



(Note: I'll try to get an update on here about cleaning and priming a sample to address the mold release issues TF has had in the past, but I can't promise it will be done before the end of the KS. However, Tom has repeatedly stated his customer service stance, so I'm not worried about that issue for this particular KS)

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Thank you CashWiley ... that is a great review (meaning fair, balanced and through).   I appreciate your overall recommendations and I'll make sure that Ed can see your review to hear your thoughts.


On a more serious note ... it really makes me feel great that this happened.   I know your long standing issues with TF and the fact that the way I run Impact! and the improvements Ed has been working on with TF reached the point where you'd recommend one of my KS projects as something worth backing.   That's a red letter day for me (and there is zero sarcasm there ... seriously happy great day for me).

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Thanks, Nick! He's a really cool model, so I'm glad he'll be corrected!


Tom, I'm picky but I'm not closed-minded :) Some people never stick around long enough to see that! (I'm also harder on my own creative output than I am on anyone else...and pretty much everyone around here knows that!)

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During clean-up, I was torquing pretty hard on the bow of a goblin archer, didn't break...but one of the ankles did snap with just regular cleaning pressure (dish soap and toothbrush).


The models are mostly beefy enough that mold line and plug cleanup went ok. I've done quite a bit of cleanup on RH models, so it was actually simple, comparatively.


The RH model was a different story...

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