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Black primer

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Allright. I've never been comfortable with black primers; always preferred white for the simple reason that its easier to darken a paint job, but much harder to lighten it. However, I've decided to buy a few CAVs to give the game a spin. I've decided my faction of choice will be the Terrans. After reading the rulebook, they have a great Cold War feel to them, with a slight US bent (my perception? Or anyone else see this?). Therefore, my CAVs get the good ol' dark Olive Drab treatment. Black primer would work great here, especially with many of the cockpit painting techniques I've learned. What brands do you all reccommend? Besides Citadel or Armory? Does Krylon make one?



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Although I think Krylon Ultrablack is durable enough to be used as primer, I just can't seem to get a smooth coat even after heating

the can a bit and waiting for a good weather. I do use it for

scale vehicle primer though.


If I need a black coat, I would just airbrush or paint over the white

primer I use.

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Duplicolor Black Sandable Auto Primer. Smooth texture, great coverage, flows into depressions. Oddly enough, even though SUPOSEDLY it is supposed to fill in scratches, it doesn't obsure details if applied thinly. You can buy it at WalMart for about $3.50 a can.


They had a cheaper brand of primer, but I resisted the urge. I've used cheaper primers before and they are seldom a true bargan. Of course, I've used more expensive primers and not been happy with the surface texture.


I used this stiff to prepare my own CAVs. I'm happy with how it worked out.

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