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Secret Project One: Ral Partha 10-420 Clutch of Fear


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How tall is that thing?  It looks amazing!  I am just starting out and like you mentioned I am just starting with some basic guys and waiting on the ones that I really like until I build up my skills.  I hope I can get to your level one day!


Is the assembly tough? And what are the dimensions?

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How tall is that thing?  It looks amazing!  I am just starting out and like you mentioned I am just starting with some basic guys and waiting on the ones that I really like until I build up my skills.  I hope I can get to your level one day!


Is the assembly tough? And what are the dimensions?


It's about 7 and 1/2 inches tall to the top of the wings.  Assembly isn't the worst I've seen, but it goes together in a weird way where you have to do several things that all fit together.  So each leg attaches to each part of the base, which is also separate and attaches together, and each leg attaches to the body.  So there's a lot going on at once that all has to work together.  That said, it may be a lot easier to manipulate if it's not the lead version.  There are three versions of it:  The really old lead one, which this example is; the plastic and ralidium version, which I recommend to avoid because the plastic is terrible resin; and the lead-free (ralidium) version.  Lead-free is the best choice, if a choice is to be had.  It's a heavy beastie!


If not for the complicated lower half, it would actually be a pretty good first metal dragon because the fit is overall forgiving. 


If your aim is to paint at my level, I guarantee you can do it fairly easily with some practice.  My work is okay, occassionally surprisingly nice, but overall I keep to pretty simple methods and don't go in for anything fancy.  Painting miniatures more or less breaks down into two broad categories:  the Game School and the Painting School.  I come out of the former from AD&D 2nd Edition days, so most of my style is pretty 90's.  There wasn't much in the way of instruction then, so I picked up a lot of bad habits! (to my own credit, I never once used shoe polish to paint a miniature) Guindyloo is out of the Painting School - she's never even played a miniatures game so for her it's just about the fun of painting.  It's not necessary to pick one or the other, and many people overlap between them, it more or less just informs your needs.  If you're painting for a game you'll probably need more output and will lean towards simpler but functional methods - this is why I'm generally simple but pretty quick.  But if you're painting for the sake of painting, you'll have more time to explore that side of the hobby and can go for some seriously amazing results.   


Overall, pretty much everything about miniature painting is pretty easy to learn given enough time and practice - especially with the wealth of resources these days.  I often say don't be afraid to make mistakes, and that's true, but I'd also give this advice:  go looking for trouble.  Every problem you run into gives you something to solve, and solving each problem adds experience.  That's how hard stuff becomes easy (or at least easier) stuff.  The first time you get something fiddly to turn out will seem a miracle, by the 50th time you do it it's mostly routine and you hardly even need to think about it.   


You can definitely paint as well as me.  If you really want to, I can even guarantee that you can do much better!  It's only a matter of how much you want to put into it... just be sure to keep it fun!

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      A really nice mini! Highlighting the skin was fun! 😁 Thanks for looking!

    • By 72moonglum
      Sorry guys, not too technically advanced, but here is a link to the Ral Partha Legacy's fourth Kickstarter, this time adding elves, dwarves, humans, orcs/goblins and some creatures to the mix.   Check it out, you can buy in a wide variety of ways, be if from the individual figure to large armies in bundles and packages.  The majority of this was sculpted by Tom Meier, and all the new pieces were sculpted by him as well.  Lots of visual images and aid to help you decide what you'd might like to snag.  I'm biased as a long time fan of both Partha and Meier, I'm definitely going to grab a good number of individual pieces on this one!
      EDIT:  Added some photos of the new sculpts from Mr. Meier:

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      Hello my little Rearperlificos!
      so tonight just got finished up and photographed, a male and female fighter in plate armor, sculpted by the enigmatic Jim Johnson (one of those sculptors I know nothing about but has had a hugely prolific career) that he sculpted I think back in the nineties when he did a range of figures for Partha, which were a male and a female version of the same character class. I've already painted up a bunch of these different figures, and these are my most recent ones.  I wanted to do red as their breastplates, helmets and grieves with more bronze tones than gold, after seeing Anne Forester working on bronzes in Twitch with the Kickstarter V Centaur.  I'n not ver happy how the vertical bronze strip came out on the male fighter, but buh, too lazy to really keep fixing to perfection.  Also, this is the second time I took pictures of these figures because there was lots of crud, dust and hair on the figures the first time.  I went back and rephotographed them a second time and I still see a few little dust spots even though I knocked a bunch of them off.  Anyhoos, here they are for your viewing pleasure:
      the female:

      The male:

      and being they were originally sold in a blister pack together, here they are in the same photo:

      I would usually put them on bases but the gal has a wide base that is a little too big to fit on the one inch base, and I didn't have a slightly larger base sitting around so I just sealed them really good and am going to leave them like that. In any case they just sit in a display case, a display case in my unfinished basement that nobody except myself ever sees, oh the humanity......
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      So I found these guys at the last NEMPA paint day a I attended a few years back, and decided to paint them up...
      I have many other orcs from this line, but not these guys...
      I even have the Polly S Armor Dark Green paint I used on the others back in High School!
      (I,m class of 1981)

      and a close up

      So all you Partha lovers chime in with comments and critiques!
      The Drow
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      Hello and good evening all you Reaper Maniacs!
      So here's a few miniatures I've been meaning to paint but just haven't gotten around to them, you know, too many minis, not enough time.  But I did finally get around to these, which are pretty fun,  Squidmen with Goo Guns, sculpted by Tom Meier when he had the company Thunderbolt Mountains.  These are miniatures that his son had designed.  



      and here they are as the actual group/blister pack they come in:
      Anyhoos, quite enjoyable and reasonably simple to paint, hope you guys and gals all enjoy!
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