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Women in Horror tribute to Caitlin R. Kiernan (Fish Bride) Bones Sea Hag 77276

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I've been painting this for a few weeks, but haven't posted any of my progress photos. I'll be posting things soon.

For more info on this project, you can check out my request for help thread here where I discuss a few issues. Here are the descriptions I've been basing my paint job on. I've decided to make my interpretation sliiiightly further along in the change, because... we'll it's already going to be difficult.



  • She lifts her right hand from the damp sheets, and patches of iridescent skin shimmer ever so faintly in the morning light. The sun shows through the translucent webbing stretched between her long fingers. Her sharp nails brush gently across my unshaven cheek.
  • Her grey eyes have gone almost entirely black, and I can no longer distinguish the irises from the pupils
  • She has teeth like those of a very small shark, and they glint wet and dark in healthy pink gums. I have often wondered how she manages not to cut her lips or tongue on those teeth, why there are not always trickles of drying blood at the corners of her thin lips
  • I look away from the ceiling, at her throat and the peculiar welts just below the line of her chin. The swellings first appeared a few weeks back, and the skin there has turned dry and scaly, and has taken on a sickly greyish-yellow hue.  Sometimes, there are boils, or seeping blisters. When she goes out among the others, she wears the silk scarf I gave her, tied about her neck so that they won’t have to see.

Photos soon.

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Thanks. I'm not sure how well this works for the character in question, but it's the best option I have.

I did some more stuff in the morning but haven't taken pics yet. I'll do that before I do more painting (and more photographing) tomorrow morning.

I'm hoping to be done soon so I can try to do the diorama-y bits.

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Due to life being stupid, and me not wanting to do anything that would mess this up (hence my painting a million other minis instead) I haven't touched this in... 7 weeks? Crap. Well, at least I know I could easily have finished a mini during Women in Horror month.

Today I basically just touched up everything. I re-worked highlights a bit (happy with the hair especially), added a few grey bits (okay dusky skin triad) on the leg and under the chin, and tried to give them a bit of an irritated scabby area which didn't show up. I think at this point I need a larger open surface to pull that off.

I also worked on other stuff, but I'm going to have to look for where the WIPs left off - it's been a while.

No pics until tomorrow - it's snowing. I may have a few more touch-ups, but then it's more about figuring out what I'll do for the diorama.


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    • By Marsya
      Since I haven’t had a WIP in a very long time, I thought this mini would be perfect for it. I plan to paint her up for a Christmas gift for a friend and figured to keep me on track I’d do a WIP. 
      I have a few minis in progress she’ll be my main priority after my Darksword Stephanie Law Bard. I prepped her and primed yesterday after the humidity finally dropped.
      My current projects in various stages on my desk. 

      And just the pinup after some prep work 

      A few places I could have spent more time on but figured I’ll prime and see what stands out. 

      I used army painter matte black primer followed by Tamiya fine white primer. For the bits on her base I left them in black since she will be the focal point no need to use white on them, it’ll help the colors be a bit more muted. 
      And finally my quick mock up for color checking. I usually just print a stock photo and use my paints over it to plan the general scheme. 

      Now to finish up my bard then onto tackling her flesh. Since she’ll have a hint of sheer with her stocking I needed to be sure the color for her skin and the sheer works and won’t lose the effect due to the color choices. 
      Feel free to post C&C throughout, or ask questions. I’m always happy to share what I can. I’ll do my best to share the steps I take and colors used. 
      Happy painting everyone. 
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