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It's a question of race.


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There's a couple pages of write-up on each race in the new book. It's not incredibly detailed, but here is the briefest summery I can get out of them. Please note I've never spoken with the designers about their intents, so any or all of this might be badly off base. 


Adon - Europe/Nato-without-America

Almirithil - Post-colonial junta/monarchy

Ritterlitch - Napoleonic era military-fuedalism

Malvernis - Spanish Inquisition in space

Rach - Mongol hordes crossed with KHORNEEEEE!!

Terrans - War of 1812 america, back when they were the new, scrawny upstart kid.

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My take on each race, from the Rule Book, other published material, the nomenclature of the CAVs , tanks and aircraft, discussions on FB groups and general assumptions is slightly different than Club's.


 It all has a "WWI thru  WWII in space"  vibe to it .


Adon -  England   " A race of merchants and shopkeepers"

Almirithil-  Pre Revolution Russia, They have Fulcrums, Hinds, and Bears.  " For Mother Russia!"

Malvernis - Definitely some Jihadi "schtick" going on there. Ottoman Empire crossed with the Inquisition

Ritterlich-  Germany/Prussia. It's the space vampire  Wermacht

Rach -  This one I totally agree with Club on , Mongol/Orc/Klingons/Khorne.....

Terrans- The US in WWI ,or  II,  or Korea....  " There was Dallas, from Phoenix; Cleveland - he was from Detroit; and Tex... well, I don't remember where Tex come from."


and the Templars-  self explanatory , an obvious evolution if the Crusader States had survived   " FOR  Temple! God! and the Grand Order!"



Or I could be totally full of crap and missed the mark completely. :D


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