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Side Project: Mountain Base w/ Marble Boulder


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As I tend to do, I had a side basing project today for our Paint Day here in the Finger Lakes of New York.


So I present the ...


Mountain Base w/ Marble Boulder.




The pieces are obviously, Bark (from Home Depot Mosser Lee garden bag),
Marble stone (from Lowes, loose in the parking lot), Play Sand, and Super Glue.

All of that is mounted on a 3.75-inch Square Trivet from the dollar store.

The bark and sand has Reaper Brush-on Sealer on it to allow a good surface for painting.






Once the sealer dry, I primed it with Reaper Grey Primer and then washed it with Reaper Coal Black.






From there, I coated the sand that I could see with the Reaper Sparkling Snow.




Finally, I started working on my finished rock colors.


I went with Reaper Redstone Shadow, Reaper Turkey Brown, and Reaper Tanned Shadow as a highlight color.


Amusingly, this brought it back towards the original bark colors.



If you hadn't guessed it, I am leaving the marble piece alone for the moment.  I do expect to coat it with DullCote later which should dull the sheen making the boulder fit in with the scale a bit more.


Enjoy and Stay Tuned!

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After looking thru my menagerie of mighty minions... I found this large gent who might do this base justice.




And naturally, Cinder might fit the base perfectly.


For now though, I will just stick to painting the base. 

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Paint day came and went.  Didn't get a lot done on other projects.  Pretty quiet day.


So, just worked on my side project.


Four more rocks painted each a different trio of colors.






Next, clean up the bottom, finish the snow and clean up all around.



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