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Mucha's Summer (demi-rond)

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 Sweet. I've done something vaguely like this a time or two... It's a whole lotta work, innit? lol


Can't wait to see it when it's done.

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Nicely done ...and we have the same ideas and likely the same book! Mucha's art has been widely reproduced in the flat world and his style has been emulated in more up-to-date subjects - think Princess Leia, et al. There are smooth acrylic rollers that are used to roll out clay. I roll mine with a wet roller (prevents sticking) and a pair of styrene tracks (1/8th+/- inch strip stock) on each side to maintain a consistent depth. You can also roll the clay onto a large piece of smooth white tile (bathroom/kitchen) and bake it on the tile. It will come off after baking. Gray clay is easier on the eyes and it's easier to see imperfections (I've also used Aves Apoxie sculpt on a cut-out styrene base and working on small sections at a time to avoid dragging my hammy fingers through wet soft putty). Plan on some post baking carving and sanding before and after priming. And do consider a resin cast for the painted piece. Looking forward to your project!





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thanks everyone!  Glen- I think I need to do the next project with something not white.  I may mix in some of my firm sculpey which is gray.  Right now I can see every single cat hair that has managed to creep into the surface!  thanks for the help!! I saw a bunch of those art nouveau flats which reminded me I had the Mucha book! (spirit of art nouveau I think is the title, '98)

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Turns out that they make a less recalcitrant version of FIMO called FIMO Soft (which sounds like a Silicon Valley startup).  I used it to sculpt the cake topper for a wedding a while back.  I still like to use a pasta machine because it's convenient.  Being softer, it's easier to work but easier to squish what you just did/leave fingerprints/tear it when lifting it/etc.  The baked results are more or less the same as original FIMO.

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sigh.  I did mention that I hate trying to sculpt faces, right?  I think I'm going to have to just ignore the face for awhile until I work up the courage to mess with it some more.  I did manage to have a bit of a breakthrough on the lips and felt better about them, but the face is just staring at me... it hates me, I know it!


I did get a bit done:




and then I tackled the face...




...lost all my confidence and took a break to see how high I could push my disintegrate wizard up in greater rifts on diablo...




...and came back to it the next day.  I felt a bit better.  I might be able to do this.  Sigh.


I have enjoyed playing with layers and trying to mimic depth without going fully 3-D, so this is good for me.  I'll get my confidence back eventually, but for now, er, just ignore the in progress awkwardness!  :rolleyes:

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Keep at it. I work with Aves Apoxie Sculpt and my sculpts always look like crap when I'm part way through the process. I work on small sections at a time and let the putty set up so I don't drag tools and my fat hammy fingers through soft putty. Once cured, I can do some additional carving and sanding before starting the next round. Eventually it all starts to come together. Beer goggles help...

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I took a break to clean the hobby room and make chicken soup, so I'm seriously putting this project off. On the bright side, with a clean hobby room, working feels better!


I decided to leave the face alone for now and work on the parts that I actually feel comfortable sculpting.  Although last night while falling asleep I think I came up with how to fix it, so I may tackle that tonight.  I spent most of the weekend painting, which felt good and safe.  But, I knew I needed to putter along, so here we are!




Not happy with the feet right now, but I can keep at it.

I added some clay to various areas in an effort to make the whole seem more 3-D. I plan to make the rocks on the left merge with the frame and put vines/leaves/etc on that side.  Then the pond on the right can be framed by more 3-D elements in that lower corner.  I'm hoping it will make the transition from my brain to reality...




since I like sculpting foliage, I began tackling the poppies on her head.  You can see they're in various stages of done, some just sketched in and the one on the right more finished. I looked at pics of poppies and I liked the ones with double petal rings better than the single Mucha painted. So I decided to add more petals.




here's an angled pic to show some of the depth I added.  More soon!

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Mmmmm, chicken soup... and X2 on a clean hobby room. It's like driving a freshly vacuumed, washed, and waxed car - it just feels better.


You'll find that that getting the face right is likely to be one of, if not the, most difficult aspect of sculpting a flat when the face is not looking straight at you or in sharp profile. Any head tilt or turn throws everything off. The vast majority of traditionally engraved flats are 30mm and the face is little more than some dots for eyes, bumps (some elongated) for cheeks, lips and noses, and depressions for lower cheeks and eye sockets. You'd think that would make it easier, but there's a lot of pieces out there with distorted facial features. Larger scale pieces are often hit and miss s well - great eyes, but the mouth is crooked and off-center and vice versa. Some sort of guide template will help if you can lay it on the clay without damaging it. Press on!


BTW, did you finish the Reaper flat Elf Ranger?


Standing by...

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      For the actual dragon, the plan now is to paint the heavier scales like the base with the softer belly and flesh being brown.  




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      So for awhile now I've had this goal, nay, this desire, nay, this primal compulsion to build a boat.  It is not enough to have hand drawn maps, or 2D terrain tiles.  I need a fully functioning 3D boat!  Well, maybe not fully functioning.  But I want to build a cool boat!
      I've been working on a nautical campaign full of swashbuckling, sailing, and sea monsters for a few years now.  It's my White Whale project.  Always just on the horizon.  It'll happen some day, but in the meantime, I have a million small projects to complete and extend the chase.  One of which is my desire to build a few different sized ships to enliven any possible naval combat.
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      It actually turned out rather nice!  To my surprise.  But I got hung up on mast and sail designs and never finished.

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      and the figurehead was designed to be modular.

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      There's a few choices that I like better than my first attempt so I think I'm going to use this as some inspiration as I give this boat thing another go.

      My hold up now is still those darn masts.  The original plan above used wood and required drilling out holes for the masts.  The blogger use foam for his ship and found random bits of tubing to house his masts.  I could try to find something random like that, but I was hoping to find something simpler for easy repetition.  And I would also like to keep the masts loose so they can be removed for easy storage, or to swap out the sails.  Any thoughts?

      Any resources, tips, recommendations are very welcome!  I'll post back here with any updates.

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