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That's great stuff.


Thanks for the kind reply, Bruunwald. I'm happy you like the stuff.


 The Isles of Langerhans, eh? lol  ::P:


...I was hoping some one would pick that up. Thanks, Mad Jack!


the posse is chasing down its man... mushroom...err goblin... maybe a crazed fairy??    


you never know in the blight but they are after it!




Well done and the shanty sets up the action shot beautifully! 


...they're going to get those Old Lady Burning Bigots & give them HELL! or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Thanks for the reply, robinh. I am delighted you like the scene & came up with a story!


That is marvelous.  I can't even begin to imagine how many hours went into that!


Thanks for your reply, Jokemeister. I really am pleased you like it.

I haven't the vaguest idea how long it took. I do love making these things to the point the time just disappears as I work merrily along. I'm sure I spend enough time to qualify for a nuts rating.


Amazing work, that another colossal realisation. Congrats, it really beautiful.


Thanks for the kind words, Metalchaos. I am happy you enjoyed the stuff.

The boards are proving to be splendid for photos & stories.


I can hear the posse squealing like pigs, chasing down their prey !

Colors, dynamics, and excitement all playing into their role.



Magnificent Job !!



Thanks as always for a bubbly reply, Jay. You do wonders for my morale & motivation.

I am delighted you enjoyed this one!

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A lot going on here and all of it a magnificent riot of colour and fancy!


Thanks for the kind reply,BlackSwanPainting! I'm happy you enjoyed it...especially the colors.


Your gorgeous work is a delight as always, malefactus! I love the window you give us to peek into your wonderful mind!


Thanks for your kind reply, Guindyloo! Now that you mention it my mind is a bizarre, messy, colorful place, but fun. I am delighted you are enjoying your trip through it all.


Brilliant and imaginative!


Thanks MUCHO Patrik! The morale boost is appreciated.

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Oh my!I just love the world that you created for yourself here! The attention to detail is just mind boggling.. And that is the real secret isnt it :)


Two mushroom infested thumbs up! :D


Thanks for the kind reply, VolksFest. I'm delighted you enjoyed the place. If I've done it right you should spot something new with each viewing.

I still new to add signs around the place. I'd also like to get some new photos of the boards. The Shanty Town & Graveyard are fairly well covered, but the Witches' Isles are spotty.



A;ways fun taking a tumble into the kaleidoscope of your mind...


You even make the rats vibrant! - LOVE them!!!



Thanks the upbeat reply, kitenerd. I glad you enjoy the colors.

The Rats were painted awhile ago & just touched up with some new static grass tufts; it shows that my style has remained consistent...that is, I haven't improved much over the years...glad you like them.

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The gang looks pretty darn cool all on their own, but they look amazing when you show them moving around town like that!

Bravo, sir!


Thanks for the reply, Wolf! The terrain & minis work together nicely; each makes the other more than they would be by themselves.

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As always, it's a pure joy to see another section of your world come to life. The gang looks fantastic and I think that's a wonderful setting for them. :wub:


And yeah, like Mad Jack, I picked up on the Isles of Langerhans and had a good laugh at that one. ::):


Thanks for the kind reply, canuckotter! The boards are proving to be fine stages for the miniatures, AND populating the terrain enhances the scene. It's working out nicely...I'm happy you like it.

I am glad you caught the Isles. College Biology finally is proving useful.

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