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Mauser Earth: War for Paris - A Dieselpunk Miniatures Game

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About this project



Mauser Earth is a Diesel-punk uchronic universe taking place in 1938.
Mauser Earth: War for Paris take place in France where WWI is still ongoing.
But where the rules of war have changed!
There are no longer men who walks the battlefields, but robots and hybrids.
The most brutal battle of this war take place in the bloody streets of Paris. 

The Railroad Consortium is located at every corner of the world, and Paris has become the very nerve center of the company.
Strong leaders are fighting for Paris as it is a highly important strategic point in the war. The conflict escalates to a point of no return. A horrific toxic gas that now unfortunately covers the whole of France. To be able to survive, cities have developed sophisticated "domes" to make cover from the gas, and Paris is no exception! As a result of these “domesâ€, the city of Paris has been separated into different independent districts.


 Paris - 1938 

     Already a quarter of a century has gone by since this raging war began, this abomination that has taken the heart of Europe and wreaks havoc within our lands. The Commonwealth, delighted to throw its new ally into the middle of uncountable battles, that has always proclaimed France as a symbol of the resistance against all oppression – be it the Kronprinz, the TheoSoviets, or even the Neo Shogunate.

The countryside has become no man’s land, enshrouded in a deadly gaz, but we will still fight our way beneath the domes of the last standing cities.
Our streets switches sides faster than the press can keep up, while the Intercontinental constantly encourages all factions to bring forth weapons and soldiers to this never ending slaughter.
Who knows if the footsteps that haunt Paris are human, mechanical or the results of horrible experiments?
Who cares, we shoot on sight, blindly following the forces that feed us their lies as they hide in their towers and palaces.     
Who would even know how to say who is the enemy at the moment? Since the apparition of Enigma, you cannot be so sure, can you?      
Under the domes of Paris, we have seen these wisps of crimson energy grab hold of flesh and stone and deforming them to such extent that now you no longer need to die to see hell. It is there, at our gates, in the jungle of Eastern Paris, in the eerie eyes of the gargoyles of Notre-Dame, in the darkness of the Bois de Boulogne, all the way to the forbidden isles where each night monstrosities are let loose to roam the docks along the Seine.      
No one knows the long term effects of the madness that the Curie brought with them, but there is no doubt that this is a sign of the end of time.     
The War won’t stop until the last living creature of reasoning falls, or will it?     
Unless the people finally open their eyes, and understand that the War has no other purpose then war itself.     
The conflict will end if we accept to see the lies we are fed and that we, the people, have been no more than simple puppets in their grand scheme.     So break the ranks, break the chains that are choking us, and join Hope!                                                                       

introduction of the manifesto of HOPE



Mauser Earth is a 1:35 (50mm) miniatures game in a dieselpunk universe.
All the miniatures will have their own character cards.
They have been sculpted by some of the best miniatures sculptor! (JAG, Allan Carasco, Patrick Masson, Stephane N'Guyen, Stephane Camosseto, Arnaud Bellier...). 
This campaign will allow us to produce all the content of the starters pack (box, mini rulebook, characters cards and resin cast). It will also allow us to produce a few new miniatures to expand on the existing packs, starting with Pacific Empire!

46ee783bc84169e6c3b10f6189364bb4_originaContent of the Atlantic Alliance Starter Pack


30de08c4a8198a346ac035891d40c7cd_originaContent of the Reich Starter Pack


c39d982d437f8d17b202a4a041dfbce0_originaContent of the Theosoviets Starter Pack


860514be19e82b5d9a99a1b912d22edb_originaContent of the Pacific Empire Starter Pack


ddebf4c87a78449acbe6cc818fdd2ff8_originaMajor Kobayashi


a8e27f3e2a3079b122f1593aafc05303_originaHidden Dragon by Benoit Cauchies


01856fb9749745fabbd04d802d9e123a_originaLieutenant Ryuko by Stephane Camosseto
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Lots of cool minis here.  Not sure they can tempt me at the moment, but I'm keeping my eye on it.  I'd much rather buy them as singles, though I understand why they might not want to market them that way.


I am also getting a big kick out of Captain Canada.


Edit: I see that you can buy singles down near the bottom of the page.

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Lots of cool minis here.  Not sure they can tempt me at the moment, but I'm keeping my eye on it.  I'd much rather buy them as singles, though I understand why they might not want to market them that way.


I am also getting a big kick out of Captain Canada.


Edit: I see that you can buy singles down near the bottom of the page.


If you are not interesting in supporting the project in itself, you can already pick up several of the available figures from several other online retailers. This is one of the reasons why I probably will not be joining; in part because of the figures that I really like, I can get from somewhere else and have them in my hands within 10 days instead of waiting until november (+ any possible delay), and a second reason is that I do not like how Woderland Projects handled a previous crowdfunding project at IGG (sharkman). But if something new and exciting turns up, then I might just join still (there are some cool stuff from their cancelled project that might draw me in). :)

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