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Reaper's Barbarian Comparison scale with Ex Grenadier Barbarian


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hey guys,


back to the forum after a long break in fantasy wargame.....


i have started a warband for Advanced Song of Blade and Heroes based on Ex-Grenadier Coppelstone barbarians. I played them as cavemen or prehistoric warriors.


(see here http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.fr/2017/02/re-animator-un-gros-gourdin.html on my blog for more details)


I would like to mix them with Reaper Barbarians as leader or champion for my warband , but i need to know if they are mixable with classical 28mm as the Coppelstone.  :wacko:


77373: Cuth Wolfson, Barbarian



77199: Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian 



77061: Kord the Destroyer




thank for your help






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There are two white triangles on the right side of the images.  They are scale marks set at one half and one whole inch.

Ok, well done ladystorm.

Thank you for the information about the marks... Never take care about them before.

Great !





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hey guy,


a get the solution !


in fact, i changed my idea when i fall in this Herolclix figurine that sleeping in my no lead mountain of figurines :wacko:


it's Bulldozer, with a running pose quite perfect for the savage look i like to give to my barbarians




no i have to convert it into a charging wild barbarian !






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