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Yeah, "worth" is a highly subjective term.  I have files to print out a cardstock dice tower, and I haven't done it.  I have a friend who has an acrylic one, and I don't use it when we play.  I don't find dice towers "worth it" but that doesn't mean they're not useful. 


Wyrmwood has a good business of, basically, bespoke items.  They are beautiful, and I would love to have one gracing my game table.  But they are not "worth it" to me. Neither is a new car; I get along just fine with used vehicles. 


It really depends on what you want out of it.  Games have been played and dice have been rolled for centuries without dice towers. They are a luxury, so if you want to buy one, get one you want that fits within your budget.

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After seeing other dice towers during ReaperCon, I know how useful a dice tower can be in a crowded environment.


I also know that depending on the background noise, wood and acrylic can be very noisy.


Myself, I got one from Kickstarter (Moroz Publishing, Russian gamers). Specifically the MDT-7 tank. Inexpensive, compact and portable. Unless you're rolling high level fireballs, it's big enough.

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I bought some dice towers from Unique Dice Towers. Originally ordered a few through their kick starter a couple of years ago I believe he is still selling them but you have to do a Google search as it is against forum rules to directly link to a commerce site.


I like them because of their smaller size, they take up less space on the game table, they look good and they fold up to about the size of a pop can.

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I got a really good deal on a nice wooden Geek Chic dice roller, one of the ones that folds up into itself. It was a gift for my hubby, and he uses it to store his dice in transport so it's not a huge loss of space. It seems to be useful when he's DMing since the rolls are partially concealed as well as contained.


I got him the model with Rick Astley engraved on it, because that's how we roll. :;):

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I got a really good deal on a nice wooden Geek Chic dice roller, one of the ones that folds up into itself. It was a gift for my hubby, and he uses it to store his dice in transport so it's not a huge loss of space. It seems to be useful when he's DMing since the rolls are partially concealed as well as contained.


I got him the model with Rick Astley engraved on it, bencause that's how we roll. :;):

If you want something pretty, the chic geek towers are a good option. I got a non foldable one when my wife bought me one of their tables for ourea 20th anniversary (have I mentioned how much I love my wife!) And it's both pretty and functional. It also winds up as part of the Tae scenery when we play warhammer, D&D or other fantasy tabletop stuff so it's pretty robust too

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Hirst Arts has one - I plan on making mine in resin, instead of dental plaster or ultracal though.

Great. Now I want that one, and it will cost me the most expensive resource I have. Time.


Seriously though, I have one that is probably made out of stained balsa wood.

Great for randomizing the numbers if you have a problem with your throw.


Also, Litko used to have one with a giant skull on it. That probably would have been what I got, were I not first in line for one of my stores a few years back on Free RPG day.

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i have not used them much in gaming, but I bought two of the FoxTower dice towers off Amazon. They break down into 4 pieces for transport and could easily pass as a castle tower as terrain. The dice fence is a tad short if you dump a bunch of dice in at ones as some bounce over. My sons favorite past time from 2-4 YO was dumping dice through these towers. He also dumped miniatures through them which made the 4 piece design critical for removing errant zombies.


If you want really compact, the folding plastic dice towers that can be bought with CMON's Zombicide game may be worth looking at.

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      The Dryad Tower & Tray in Ambrosia Maple, Purpleheart, and Leopardwood  The Dryad Gaming Co. Dice Tower & Tray is an extremely durable, obsessively made, and elegantly simple accessory for tabletop and role-playing games. 
      My name is Ty.  I'm a professional woodworker, specializing is small products, made from domestic and exotic hardwoods.  I also love playing games.  That's why I've created Dryad Gaming Co. 
      If you're a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other role-playing games, you're familiar with dice towers, and how they can improve your gaming experience. They keep your rolls random, on the table, and quick.  We all know that dice towers & trays are great, but there are a few things that set the Dryad towers & trays apart:
      1. Real, Traditional Woodworking Joinery:  Constructed using actual woodworking joints, these towers and trays can hold up to bumps and tumbles.  The wood glue I use is among the toughest available.  These also do not use any magnets or "non-traditional" fasteners that can be defeated by a rogue elbow. 
      2. Built for travel:  At around 6 and half inches tall, these are smaller than most dice towers on the market. These take up very little space, and can easily be tucked away in a bag or purse.  The Dryad Tower also isn't so big that you can't see your friends or battlemap. 
      3. Durable and Perfect for Metal Dice:  In addition to the tough construction of the Dryad Tower & Tray, it is also finished with an incredibly durable oil-urethane blend. The finish has resins that penetrate the wood fibers and harden.  The finish looks and feels great.  Oh, and it's totally safe to roll metal dice in these!
      All fourteen Dryad Towers & Trays  
      Every Tower & Tray is Available in 14 Different Hardwoods
      The Naiad Series includes White Oak, Maple, Walnut, Ambrosia Maple, and Cherry.  Nothing has been dyed or stained; the wood is naturally this beautiful.
      The Naiad Series  
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      About this project
      As you probably know, dice tower is used by players to roll the dice in the most equitable manner. Dice are dropped on top of the tower, and bounce through a variety of hidden platforms before emerging from the front. Dice towers are created to eliminate fraud and ensure a truly random result.
      We designed a lot of dice towers before, but we still want to create new ones or new variations of towers we have. We aim to improve all the time and deliver even better products for gamers community than we did in the past. For that, we need not only our creativity, but also new materials and equipment for our Team.
      For this campaign, we have prepared something truly special.
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      Rolling dice is fun and a little extra luck goes a long way when you add fog, mystique and mystery to your gaming table.  Suitable for board games, dice games, collectible card games, miniatures, or just an accessory to your gaming table, we can add a next-level dimension to your gaming experience.  Need a die roll?  Just toss a die in the top!  Need that natural 20?  Turn on the fog for extra luck!
      More Tower Types
      Our sculptors are busy creating prototypes of even more tower types so tell your friends to pledge the ones they love and we'll make more and more.
      This is also a chance to get access to cool collectible custom metal dice which are included with the higher end options.  Don't miss out!
      We have many loyal crate subscribers including Dwarven (dice) Crate, Tenkars Tavern Crate, Mythoard RPG Box, Troll Lord Crate, Savage Crate, Cthulhu Crate, 5e Crate, Finder Crate, Supers Crate, Wargames Crate, and Terrain Crafters Crate.  If you're already a subscriber you quality for a $25 credit on your crate membership if you pledge our Kickstarter at a $25 or higher level.  Thanks for being a member!
      Our fog dice towers have one or two fog generators that use standard water to power a nice, odorless fog that rolls out as your dice tumble.  Complete with a small fan, these beauties are simple to maintain and re-supply.  Just add water!
      Our sculpts are original creations or officially licensed models that come in many options to tailor the tower to match your gaming preference and genre.
      International Shipping
      What is BorderLinx?  Shipping from the US can be very expensive.  We have partnered with BorderLinx.com where you can open a US address at one of their warehouses.  We will ship your order at no cost to their warehouse.  There you have many options, including simply paying them to deliver the product to you, or some even more creative opportunities like having them hold two or three US originated shipments where they will rebox it into a large box and ship it to you.  By bundling shipments you can save a lot of money.  The best part is, we don't have to get involved and we can deliver direct to your US address.  We understand this puts some of the shipping responsibility on you but it also puts you in control of the shipping price.  The more you bundle shipments the more you can save.  Open your account at www.BorderLinx.com
    • By SamuraiJack
      Dice Towers for a price in line with its function (rolling dice)
      Like you, we play a lot of board games. Anyone who plays board games knows that rolling dice is a pain in the broccoli. You lose them under furniture. You ruin your board games by knocking over all your pieces.  
      A common solution is to get a dice tower but dice towers aren't cheap. They can range from $30 to $200. But... if all its meant to do is roll dice why is it so expensive? 
      That's why we created the Dice Tower of Power. It's a simple solution to a very simple problem. 
      Why spend $200 for something that can be replaced by a piece of cardboard? Why the Dice Tower of Power?
      It's made of recycled cardboard so its good for the environment.  It takes about a minute to assemble.  It can be disassembled for easy transport and storage. It's durable and can take a lot of punishment.  If you spill a drink on it or somehow destroy it - no big deal its cheap to replace. 3 Dice Towers are perfect for 4-6 players! 3 Dice Towers for $25 (or less)
      One other benefit of the Dice Tower of Power is that we sell them in packages of 3. Most games are played with 4-6 people. So with 3 dice towers you don't have to pass the dice towers around. Just pass the dice. This saves time and is a lot more convenient. Lastly, the price. We're selling 3 dice towers for $25. So for less than the price of one dice tower available today you get 3. 
      Easy to Assemble!
      Instructions are included but just in case we made this video too:
       PLAY Great for Events and Tournaments
      The Dice Tower of Power is great for tournaments and events too. We sell larger quantities of 10 and 100 as well. We hope you enjoy the DICE TOWER OF POWER!
      Hand Crafted & Perfected for our own gameplay
      We're makers at heart and we LOOOOVVEEE building things.  We made at least 10-15 prototypes to get this thing right (all were recycled :).  We meant to use it just for own game nights but we found everyone wanted their own or knew someone who wanted one so we're sharing it with the world via Kickstarter!
      If you're going to do it... perfect it!
    • By Cranky Dog
      The Perfect Dice Tower for even the crappiest dice roller! Drop a load on your enemies.

      Not that I or anyone needs it, and that sample model is of very poor quality compared to others. But you got to admit that it delivers what it promises.
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