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TIME WARP - Rampage Castle, Europe and the Americas

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TIME WARP featuring Rampage Castle and detailed game-ready buildings from Europe and the Americas designed for your home 3D Printer

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About this project


TIME WARP is a collection of 3D printable scenery designed for Wargames and Role Playing Games, each pledge is delivered as an STL file pack to be printed on your home 3D printer. The models can be scaled to any size before printing. 

Time Warp comes in 3 main pledges; Rampage Castle, The Americas and Europe. Each pledge gets you a set of buildings and the stretch goals related to that pledge. If you pledge the ALL-IN pledge or any combo-pledge, you will get the bonus items for free. See each pledge for detail



(US $45) The Rampage Castle pledge is a for a complete modular castle builder. It's fully compatible with all existing Rampage Dungeons, so you can mix and match with any OpenLOCK tile or wall. Rampage Castle includes Walls, Doors, Battlements and arrow slits and a full set of Castle floors (all OpenLOCK 5.0 Floors) 

Rampage Castle uses OpenLOCK 5.0 which gives you side clipping columns and buttresses.




(US $45) The TIME WARP Europe pledge is a Medieval Church that can be constructed in a variety of ruined states. Also, a modular 'polished brick' wall system that is held together with OpenLOCK clips. The stretch goals are a set of conflict-related European buildings from Medieval times, through WWII to present day. These buildings are beautifully detailed, stand-alone models, based on real-life buildings. You can see from the image below that the church is modular. It can be altered into various states or ruin during a game without moving the church itself.




 (US $45) TIME WARP  The Americas pledge is for two buildings from the America Wild West. This Pledge also includes The Americas stretch goals with buildings from across America and the Spanish Main. (the balcony can take a 30mm base). These are stand-alone buildings with detailed interiors, they are not modular. Also included is a set of Carabbiean Walkways





We have some fantastic Mega Stretch Goals, We have set realistic targets, so we should be able to hit them all. If we hit $50,000, we will be asking for your input into the 'Extended Stretch Goals'






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That's a very random mish-mash of buildings. If I was inclined to print terrain for a game table I'd want something with more focus so I could, say, build an entire mining town or  caribbean port. 

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As much as I like the idea of 3d Printing. I'm one of those people who wants a physical product to buy. I don't want to make it myself. I want as much work done for me as possible. Because time is important. Now you could have a 3rd party print it for you...but then you see the cost of such things kind of make it on par with Dwarven Forge so you might as well buy DF because its more durable...

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I took the leap and bought a cheap flashforge finder plug n play printer a few months ago, and now i have a massive collection of assorted scenery to rival my miniatures...almost ;P


Anyhow, I find the printable scenery items to consistently be of high quality and easy to print will little or no hassle. The prints i get are excellent and easy to paint, great stuff!


For my part I endorse printable scenery without any reservations and go all in on their kickstarters before even seeing what they are offering. Much like the bones ks.


If you have any inclination towards 3d printing, go for it! This ks will be a great starting point, and the rampage openlock tile system already has tons of different tiles available which can be mixed and matched freely.

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I've backed all of Matt's/Printable Scenery crowdfunding campaigns (for the whole package each time - I'm also all in on this one). The models are superbly modelled and specially crafted for 3D printing.

I'm currently printing the tavern from their Winterdale Kickstarter campaign. That's being done on a printer that's currently up for pre-order for $349.- (the Trinus by Kodama) - it doesn't have the biggest build plate, but Printable Scenery provide the models in smaller files too, so even the smaller printers can print them.

(the rubber bands are just for holding the pieces together since I haven't glued them together yet)






Here's a video covering great 3D printers for $350 or less, in case you want to try it out, but isn't sure you want to put down a lot of money right away. It's done by Maker's Muse, one of the most popular 3D printing YouTube channels.

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