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TIME WARP - Rampage Castle, Europe and the Americas

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On 2/3/2017 at 9:50 AM, Kangaroorex said:

Interest piqued, interest gone. At those prices I was expecting kits or molds, not files. Printing this sort of thing takes a lot of time. The detail looks good and I wish themy luck, but I have to pass


That is, of course, entirely your prerogative. I'm not sure I entirely agree on the price with regards to files vs. e.g. kits, though.
If it was a kit then:

1) You'd be limited to what you got in the kit.

2) In order to expand upon a kit you'd then have to buy more parts/another kit, making the total cost rise even further.


With these files you can continue printing as many parts as you want, in order to make different configurations (when it comes to the castle) or to expand on e.g. a Western city.

The files are also optimized for 3D printing, without needing supports and the like (or the supports are part of the design, e.g. cross beams under a bridge).

Heck, if you print it in a high enough resolution you could make molds of the parts yourself and cast them in your choice of casting material.


I'm currently finishing a print of one of their former models, the Observatory (only need to print the cupola and the telescope):



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The Ruined Chateau stretch goal has been unlocked and Matt has provided every combo-backer with a new bonus item.

A cool ballista model!




There's also an update on the hoarding system for the castle and this model also shows how it's compatible with the Rampage system in general by incorporating the prototype for the Rampage Heavy Wood Walls and Hoarding Roofs that will be included in this Kickstarter. You can also see the Rampage Crypt door in the tower.



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Stretch goal #11, the 'Log Cabin' looks like it is unlocked as the pledge level has just passed NZ $60,000.   :nod:

Next stretch goal at NZ$65,000 is 'Castle Ruins (Walls, Battlements and Floors).


Earlier today Matt at PrintableScenery.com posted the following:


"I have set up a time to do a live feed via Kickstarter. If you have any questions about the new Rampage Castle, Time Warp or anything else related to our 3D models or '3d printing in general' please join in.




LOS ANGELES, United States, California
2:00p Sun, Mar 12 2017
3:00p Sun, Mar 12 2017

NEW YORK, United States, New York
5:00p Sun, Mar 12 2017
6:00p Sun, Mar 12 2017

LONDON, United Kingdom, England
9:00p Sun, Mar 12 2017
10:00p Sun, Mar 12 2017"


I have checked with Matt and he confirms that non-backers are also welcome, so may well be a chance for those interested in the subject but not yet presently backing to get a better understanding of the subject and gather news and views from 'the horses mouth' as it were.  Just click on the link above and register to take part.

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Matt from PrintableScenery.com is on this weeks BeastsOf War.com Weekender podcast:



They start talking about PrintableScenery.com @ 51.56 minutes into the show. ;)

Still over 8 days to go of tthe kickstarter:



Also Matt has just announced that the 'Catapult' has been added as another FREE bonus.  :)



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The 12th stretch goal, 'Castle Ruins - Walls, Battlements, and Floors' has just been unlocked.  


Next stretch goal is 'The Farm with outbuildings' at NZ $70,000.


Here are some more pictures of the 'Time Warp - The Americas' Bank (already unlocked) I have managed to find:





Also just 22 hours until Matt from PrintableScenery.com holds a live kickstarter feed for anyone with questions about the new Rampage Castle, Time Warp or anything else related to our 3D models or '3d printing in general' please join in.  (I have been told you do not have to be a backer to take part.)  


The link to register to take part is:




LOS ANGELES, United States, California
2:00pm Sun, Mar 12 2017
3:00pm Sun, Mar 12 2017


NEW YORK, United States, New York
5:00pm Sun, Mar 12 2017
6:00pm Sun, Mar 12 2017


LONDON, United Kingdom, England
9:00pm Sun, Mar 12 2017
10:00pm Sun, Mar 12 2017

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The 13th stretch goal 'The Farm' is unlocked.


Next up at NZ $75,000 is 'The Miners Shack' from the 'Time Warp - Americas' range.


Also on the PrintableScenery.com website is a 'sign up' form for the PrintableScenery.com newsletter:




The newsletter is listed as will be containing the following:


- Free Models
- Tips and tricks on 3d printing
- Latest file updates
- Special offers on 3D printers and filament


With 6 days still to go (it finishes at midnight on Sunday, UK time) this is still on track for being their most successful crowd funding project to date. 


Link to the kickstarter is:



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Matt at PrintableScenery.com has announced another Bonus Item, a Battering Ram!




This means that the free Bobus items now include a Ballista, a Catapult, and the new Battering Ram.


In Update #11 Matt also says " I think that we need one more siege engine, and this time something big ! "  The betting within the backer community in the comments is that it will be a 'Siege Tower'.  (Some glimpses of it may just have been visible over Matt's shoulder in the recent Kickstarter 'Live Feed' - viewable on replay at:  
https://live.kickstarter.com/printable-scenery/live-stream/time-warp-3d-printed-scenery-kickstarter-update .  )


With just under 5 days to go the 'Miners Shack' is, at the time of writing, just NZ$742 away from being unlocked. 


After the Miners Shack that unlocks at NZ $75,000 the remaining listed stretch goals are:


- NZ $80,000 'Advanced Wooden Stairways'
- NZ $85,000 'The Stone Barn'
- NZ $90,000 'Rundown Store / Jail'
- NZ $95,000 'Operational Drawbridge'


Also announced is that either one or both ships from previous crowdfunding campaigns will be added ('The Frigate' and the 'Viking Long Boat') as an 'add-on' for those who missed the opportunity of acquiring previously.


Few are doubting that all the present stretch goals will now be unlocked, and even possibly more stretch goals announced over the last few days remaining.

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