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Lime green slime: 77306 Bones translucent slimes wip


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I only remembered to take photos of one in the original state. Oops!



Then came the base coats of the vivid lime green. It was supposed to be opaque but went on pretty light. I also added highlights with the yellow, which is not opaque, but was much thicker.




Then I added the phthalo green wash, which just made everything pop. It looks positively toxic!


I'm going to see if I need more tomorrow.

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Nice. How did you get the inks to stick to the model? I thought the inks are water-based, so would bead on the plastic?


I usually mix it with a coat of medium (usually matte, sometimes airbrush, even less often glow in the dark). You could also just paint a coat of medium as primer, and use the inks over that, but:

1) I haven't tried it

2)I prefer the extra thickness of medium

Also, these are artists acrylic inks, so behave different than many of the inks out there, like calligraphy stuff. I thin these with water(and medium). Some other forum members could explain this better than me.

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