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Relic Knights 2nd Edition

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Announcing Relic Knights: 2nd Edition



Ninja Division Publishing and Soda Pop Miniatures are excited to announce Relic Knights: 2nd Edition and its first expansion Void Break. Relic Knights: 2nd Edition and Void Break will feature new and revised rules for the Relic Knights miniature skirmish game, a new 2-Player Starter, brand new units, beautiful new sculpts for many existing units, gorgeous new art, and exciting fiction continuing and expanding the Relic Knights universe. The Relic Knights: 2nd Edition Rulebook, 2-Player Player Starter, and Void Break expansion book will be launched through Kickstarter in the last half of February, 2017.


2nd Edition Rules

The 2nd Edition rules are an evolution and refinement of the Relic Knights 1.5 rules which were released in downloadable form in 2016. The new rules continue to feature Relic Knights’ unique card-based mechanic where players manage a hand of esper to initiate powerful attacks and actions; as well as the ready queue mechanic where you must carefully plan your units’ order of activation to maximize their potential and impact on the game.

Units are now organized into two categories, Heroes and minions. Whenever a Hero is activated they may also activate a minion, allowing these units to perform their vital battlefield roles, without taking space in your ready queue. Unsurprisingly, the mighty Knights with lead your cadres are powerful Heroes, who are instrumental in unlocking your entire cadre’s full potential.

Every unit in Relic Knights will be completely updated, with many units acquiring brand new upgrade options, such as special weapons, alternate gear, and unique abilities, allowing players to customize their cadres to their specific playstyle. An upgrade deck will be available (and included for free in Kickstarter pledges) for veteran players to be able to quickly and easily update their existing collection to 2nd Edition



Beautiful New Models

Soda Pop and Ninja Division are committed to making Relic Knights a stunning visual experience on your gaming table. As part of that commitment the studio has taken a hard look at the entire Relic Knights range of plastic miniatures to determine which models meet our standards for quality, and which must be retired and given the gorgeous resculpts they deserve. Those models that didn’t pass review will be discontinued immediately and will be resculpted and manufactured in high-quality resin. Models which passed review will be repackaged and updated for 2nd Edition, being resculpted and making the transition to resin only once the existing stock has been depleted. You can follow this link to find a complete list of which models will be discontinued, resculpted, or continue into Relic Knights: 2nd Edition.


Resculpts are not the only part of 2nd Edition! In 2016 Soda Pop and Ninja Division released a small sample of the new units coming to the Relic Knights universe. These models were only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In addition to the original units from Darkspace Calamity, the 2nd Edition rulebook will feature two additional units per faction, and the Void Break expansion will feature four more new units per faction. The Prismatic sub-factions (Void and Radiant) will also receive a massive influx of new units allowing them to provide additional options to the six primary factions, but also the ability to be played as standalone cadres. More Darkspace units are also ready to join your cadres. This all combines to make Relic Knights: 2nd Edition a bonanza of exciting and breathtaking new models for fans of Relic Knights!

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I'm definitely interested in this, especially to see what additional figures may be unlocked.  Soda Pop has discontinued a lot of the previous figures and the resculpts should get everything in the same scale!

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It isn't just scale that gets better.  Have you seen the new resins they've been making?  I've got a few of them, and those are some excellent minis.


Relic Knights really needed to be done in a better material than the 1st ed Super Dungeon Explore stuff (even the SDE material has gotten way better, and they're still doing PVC).


Looking forward to seeing some really sweet new RK resin minis.

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They just posted pictures of several of the new models to Ninja Division's website.  Search for "Relic Knights: Resins Up Close and Personal"


This should alleviate most concerns about model sculpting and casting.


Tahariel-368x400.jpg  bang-bang-555x400.jpg


Dark-Pinion-529x400.png  Enforcers-642x400.png

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The Sundown Enforcers have a somewhat Warzone feel to them with the chunky armor style, which I like.  The cowgirl seems a bit out of place to me, though; are Westerns a common anime/manga theme?

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Just about all genres are reflected in anime to some degree.  Cowboy Bebop and Trigun are both great examples of space westerns, and it's easy to find shows containing various elements.  The Old West as a setting isn't particularly popular, though there appear to be a few examples (but that's clearly not where she's from ::P:).


ie, she's not particularly out of place

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The cowgirl seems a bit out of place to me, though; are Westerns a common anime/manga theme?


She looks a lot like Rushuna Tendou from the anime "Grenadier". It's very western. I watched it a few years back. It's kind of a fun show but it doesn't compare to Trigun. The show is a little obscure with the heroine using her cleavage to store and reload rounds for her 6-shooter. Ah Japan. lol


The aspect ratio is off and the quality is poor in this clip but...


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I really like the model choices in the starter. Cat girl , 3 heavy armor guys and the cowgirl as a team is really good. 


(now get me some lesser cat cyborgs to back her up)

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