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Relic Knights 2nd Edition


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45 minutes ago, Orlando_the_Technicoloured said:

archon (well Prodos) are basically just as bad still not having delivered AvP to many of their backers so while I hope something can be worked out people need to be very careful about thinking of them as saviours



I WISH!  If Ninja Division handled this like Prodos handled AvP, I WOULD HAVE MY STUFF!

If I could buy a $20 Super Dungeon expansion and have the stuff I pledge for, I'd be happy.  The AvP backers who don't have their stuff are the ones who got so sour that they are unwilling to buy an expansion for about what I've paid for shipping on other Kickstarters (and I've been told the deal is still open).


Seriously, AvP backers have NOTHING on SDL backers.




37 minutes ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

it is a bit off. it should probably be broken out more, to things like inhouse art staff costs, inhouse writing staff costs, contractor art costs, contractor writing costs. 


But these charts don't really look to be configured up in such a way as to be useful. All it seems to show is that their project management and budgeting is at best a joke.


I don't know about useful- I mean, what do we plan to use them for? 

I would hope that they have better charts (but looking at how over budget they've gone, I kind of doubt it).  But what are we planning to do with the dollar amount that they spent on contract writing?


I suppose it would paint a clearer picture, though.

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I honestly can't help but wonder why this mess even surprises anyone. It's like people forgot the original Relic Knights KS ever happened. You know, the one many people insisted was totally ND's fault when they needed to justify throwing money at new CMON projects, before deciding maybe that one was CMON's fault so they could justify throwing money at ND again...

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Paizo really should have done a better job of vetting - neither ND/SP nor Prodos/Archon are companies that should be allowed anywhere near a license.


The Auld Grump *EDIT* The fact that both companies had changed their names is itself a bit of a red flag....

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