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The End Times are upon us! Hordes of Chaos Project


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In the cold wastes of the North, the followers of the gods of Chaos gather in their thousands. Hordes of barbaric marauders and armor-clad warriors pour forth from the bleak wastelands to wage war against the soft-bellied wastrels who inhabit the rich lands of the south. Daemonic legions advance with them, proof that the Northmen truly are the favored of the gods.


---taken from the Hordes of Chaos army book by Games Workshop.


I've always really liked the aesthetic of GW's old Realm of Chaos range of figures ever since I first found some for sale in an old, off the beaten path (and sadly out of business now) hobby shop way back in my youth. I've been collecting them off and on through the years.

(I wish I'd bought more of them when I was younger, they're all OOP and hard to come by now.)


I've painted a few of them here and there, but now the time has come for me to start painting them in earnest as a cohesive ( relatively speaking; this is Chaos we're talking about here ) group. I might possibly game with them, which would be nice, but rule of cool is going to outweigh any possible gaming considerations in the assembly/painting of this army.


I've got a pretty large collection of old school GW/Marauder/Citadel chaos figures (pics below), but I'm also going to be using figures by other manufacturers (including Reaper) that I think look cool and fit the feel of the army. This is going to be a fairly long running project; I've got A LOT of dudes to paint. I hope you see something that sparks your interest and decide to follow along.


I have a few units that I've already finished and posted previously; a unit of Chaos Knights of Khorne:



A unit of Chaos warriors of Nurgle:



And a few single figures:




And here's (some of) what I'm working with:









I also have at least that many Beastmen that I haven't found/unburied yet,  and some daemons as well.


If you noticed some of the newer plastic Chaos Warriors at the top of some of the pictures don't expect to see very many of them in here; I don't like 'em. The detail is beautiful on them, but they're a little too static and mono-pose for my liking. The older stuff has more character in my opinion.



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Minor update, and a question:


I'm using a bunch of GW's old plastic figures to increase the numbers of the metal figures so that I actually have a 'horde'. They are multi-part, but using the same parts is going to start looking same-y pretty quickly; I want everyone to be at least a little different, as befits Chaos.


I'm using my conversion skills and my not-so-great sculpting skills to try and make everybody different:





Fur (left) Chain Mail (right)



Now, the question: Do you want to see all the little bits of converting/sculpting as I go along, or should I quit putzing around and just paint something already?

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I think you better convert every single piece of plastic and metal that goes into this project sir.   :;):


While not as good as orcs it is far better than an army of stunties so I think I will watch from over here on the couch with beer and some spicy snack nuts.

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I think you better convert every single piece of plastic and metal that goes into this project sir.   :;):


While not as good as orcs it is far better than an army of stunties so I think I will watch from over here on the couch with beer and some spicy snack nuts.



If I'm going to have to click on a thread with "End Times" and "Hordes of Chaos" in the title, then I'm going to want to see all the cool stuff you are doing.



I like to see the mutations taking place!

 That sounds pretty unanimous to me; everything gets pics!

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The first rank of the halberd/polearm/spear regiment is done (being built). Paint will come a little later on.


One of the things I'd forgotten about these older Chaos plastics is that they're a nightmare to rank up.


The front rank



Musician--he was given a Kroot head (plastic, GW) placed a little higher than usual on the shoulders, loin cloth/tabard/whatever from green stuff, and a metal horn arm from the old Chaos knights, I believe

Standing on a real rock



Standard Bearer-- mostly stock out of the box with the addition of some chain mail from GS. Standing on a GS rock



Random trooper--completely stock; standing on a real rock.




I didn't take any pictures of the other two guys 'cause they're metal, and I'm not changing them. I have a few duplicates in my collection that are damaged; they will see more conversion.

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It has occurred to me more than once that these older figures have two problems with one solution.


—As you say they rank up poorly.

—And they are in short supply because OOP.


The solution is small unit filler pieces that take up 1, or 2, or even 4 figure spaces. They give adjacent figures space to spill over into...and they can hold a figure even. Give some particularly heroic chaos warrior and his widely spaced elbows a 50x50 to stand on (with an extra nice rock maybe) and he counts as four.


Ranking problem solved, numbers problem (if building a Horde (as defined in some rule editions) ) solved.

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Why not base them KOW style?


As in a little diorama for each regiment?


CHAOS lends itself perfectly for stuff like that.


Summoning circles, cauldrons of blood, charnel pits, broken down fences, rocks and lava or snow, pools of slime with tentacles, gnarled trees...


I can go on for hours...

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