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Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition

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The forces of madness are many and varied.  Ranging from the harmless mob to the terrifying star spawn. 




The thin barrier protecting the world is a small group of people.




I will be painting up the miniatures from Mansions of Madness 2nd edition and Recurring Nightmares.  Normally I would not start another work in progress while one is still unfinished, but we have been playing the game quite a bit and I have been running the Strange Aeons pathfinder set which is mythos based.  So I can use plenty of cultist.  These will be painted to table top quality.


I also have completed a side project that was holding up my being able to paint.  An in progress photo is below.




Some of the cultists have already been started and but I have been mainly working on cleaning up the mold lines.  I have been asked to work on one of the Chthonian so that is what I will be working on next.  Fantasy flight had painted versions of the miniatures, but at least on this one I did not like their paint scheme to much.  So I will be working on my own.




I will probably work through most of the monsters first before starting the investigators as I have a greater need for them.


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Made a some of progress last night.  Tonight was lost to trying to figure out what my KD:M pledge was going to be in the manager.




Base coated them in violet shadow and began dry brushing the skin with royal purple.  The rocks were painted with armor grey.  And the tentacles with stained ivory.  I plan to work the purple higher, but not sure how far.  I plan to give the tentacles a skin like appearance.  The sucker side of the tentacles will be a different shade and then I may use some Tamiya red on the suckers.  I would like the main body to have almost a slime like look to it, but I am not sure how to achieve it.  I don't want it to be glossy, but almost iridescent or kind of like oil in water.  IF I get extremely ambitious I may try and use some green stuff to put a mouth around the tentacles.  Kind of like a graboid.  The mouth to tentacles transition is really the only bad part of the model.


Also thank you for the comments.  I really enjoy mansions of madness.  My wife likes to play it also.  I get competitive at games so I try and find good co-op ones when able. 


The table is actually for pathfinder.  I GM/DM most of the time and it has speed up map laying a ton.

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Painted more royal purple and I now have the coverage I wanted.  Tried taking pictures but it was hard to see the difference between what was shown above. I will have to look through my paints to see try and figure out the next shade up will be. I also dry brushed the stones it was bursting out from with Rainy Grey.  Next level will be Misty grey.


I actually purchase the digital pathfinder stories which comes with a map file.  I then use a KS starter program, Infinitas DM, that I backed to cast it onto the TV from a laptop.  It allows me to see the GM map on my screen and then the players view a separate with Fog of War and such.  This could be done with other programs that allow a similar viewing style.  Infinitas DM also allows you to draw your own maps which I have done a few times.

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I also began to clean some more of them and while doing this the mad axe man lost his arms at the elbow.  I then made a joke about this being worse than flying off the handle which got a decent groan of pain from my wife.  So I considered this a success.


I was near the sink when this happened and the arms almost went down the drain.  Lesson learned to either do it farther away or put the catch plug in the sink.

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Short update.  I got the worms further along and base coated the ghouls waving hello.  Their happiness is kind of creepy.  I got a Zombicide Black Plague Army Painter paint set so I have been trying it out on them. 



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