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Drys, Dryad (Bones) (77265)

Chris Palmer

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     This past week I painted the Drys, Dryad, figure from the Bones II, Sylvan Creatures set. Since I was in kind of a Frostgrave frame of mind when I was thinking about painting her, I decided I would try to paint her up in winter colors, like a dryad that has been unexpectedly awoken from her Winter sleep, and is not happy about it.



Photos linked for nudity:



 Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3

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Thank you all for the kind comments!  I'm glad you like how she turned out.  :)



Very nice. I like the skin tones. 



Very nice, I like how you made her skin tones cold as well.



Very nice, love her skin!





I love this look!


*** What? Who woke me up? It's coooolldd, someone will pay for this!!!***

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Very nice work on her!


Also, kudos for thinking outside the box with her color scheme.


Thanks, Chaoswolf!     I like to try and take the path less traveled with some figures. :) 




This is great! I love the skintones, especially in the context of this overall color scheme. Gorgeous work!



Thanks, primeval!   

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