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Hail Commander!,

COLONIAL SPACE WARS: ARMOURED WARFARE II is a crowdfunding for producing a range of unique sci-fi vehicles. It is the continuation of CSW: ARMOURED WARFARE, which was successfully funded one year ago. Since there are many cool models still waiting to be produced, with your support to this campaign we will get enough funding to make them real. 

ed9c4aaf6de09d900a641b5ad15268f8_originaBattleloids, an example of models from the first CSW ARMOURED WARFARE crowdfunding.

CSW ARMOURED WARFARE models are designed for the wargame COLONIAL SPACE WARS, but the scale (10 to18 mm, depending on the figure) is appropriate to be used in other game systems.

2bafaab36fb2d710c2f3cdd20037fb1f_originaCSW INVASION, the wargame.

Models will be produced mainly in resin, and white metal can be used for thinner components. Round 50mm DF bases are supplied with the vehicles, but these will be exchanged for plastic ones if a certain stretch goal is achieved.

1ebb2a2b6c677d7b22f401c7d52a5701_originaMaster copies from some CSW ARMOURED WARFARE models.

This Kickstarter is not merely an objective, but a small fraction of a full sci-fi universe. The board game already counts four factions and more than 150 units and, in time, we want to reproduce that same range of units in miniatures for the wargame version CSW INVASIONThis crowdfunding will do another step forward!.


 The project is developed by Vedra Games, a Spanish game publisher and organizer of gaming events. Vedra Games has successfully edited the board games COLONIAL SPACE WARS and GOLF´N´ROLL, proving its capacity to professionally and efficiently manage a commercial project. In order to fulfill the challenge of the multidisciplinary working areas of this project (traditional sculpting, 3D modelling and printing, casting and photography), other Spanish specialist companies have been involved with Vedra Games in a seamless partnership:


Today, thanks to this efficient network and your support, we will open a new chapter in the COLONIAL SPACE WARS history.

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