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Translucent Bones Undead: Grave Wraith 77097 & Nightspectre 77099


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I had so much fun with my slimes I decided to do a few more translucent minis I had handy.


These are the Grave Wraith and Nightspectre (somewhere else I have a Ghostly Summons 77095, Labella DeMornay 77096, and a spare Spirit 77098 that I will paint another time).

I wanted to do these quickly, so it's ink mostly - the same ones as with the slimes, plus maybe a few darker phthalos.

I've done a coat of glow in the dark medium for each (photographed), a coat of the not highest green, and picked out the skeletons in the nightspectre with a wash of medium and brown liner and base coated the grave wraith's sword and tombstone in a dark blue-grey. not photographed

Eventually everything will get a drybrush of spectral glow (and maybe another, mixed with maggot white, in a few spots).


For the nightspectre, I'm going to try and treat it as a fire and get darker going out. With the wraith, I'm going to go lighter out from the bottom centre. Plus highlights for both.

The goal will be for them to be mostly translucent (and glow in the dark, because everything gets that medium). Hopefully I'll figure out how much direct light, and how much medium I need to be able to photograph this.


Photos later today in subsequent posts.


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Pics now descriptions later



So first we have pics with glow in the dark medium only as primer.

post-12970-0-62838800-1487888384_thumb.jpg post-12970-0-56970000-1487888402_thumb.jpg

Then a coat of the vivid lime green liquitex ink

post-12970-0-21711200-1487888424_thumb.jpg post-12970-0-07778800-1487888447_thumb.jpg

Then a coat of phthalo green (yellow)

post-12970-0-12298200-1487888464_thumb.jpg post-12970-0-31317900-1487888484_thumb.jpg


Same order of inks as above


post-12970-0-87994000-1487888500_thumb.jpg post-12970-0-72917300-1487888515_thumb.jpg

post-12970-0-84917800-1487888534_thumb.jpg post-12970-0-87132200-1487888554_thumb.jpg

post-12970-0-29513900-1487888627_thumb.jpg post-12970-0-95084800-1487888666_thumb.jpg



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I painted some darker phthalos (green(blue) and blue(green)) up top, but they aren't showing up in photos. In hand there's a visible progression between the light to the dark, and I'm wondering if there' s something I can do about lighting to deal with that. I'm going to try just ambient light tomorrow before another round.

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Here's an update



post-12970-0-84592700-1488126566_thumb.jpg post-12970-0-32496600-1488126584_thumb.jpg

post-12970-0-92336100-1488126614_thumb.jpg post-12970-0-53321300-1488126633_thumb.jpg



Up next is...

Wraith: more work on the sword, metallic highlights, and I think maggot white on the runes. Dry brush with spectral glow and maggot white (only certain spots). Wash over grave and skeleton. Maybe re-application of ink on the one side and spectral glow.

Nightspectre:another wash on the skeletons, maybe some spot highlights on them, Dry brush spectral glow on the fire/smoke/mist.

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